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Feb 1st 2018

The Indestructible Screen Door

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The Indestructible Screen Door

Odds are, replacing your screen door probably isn't your favorite home maintenance task. Finding the replacement parts can be time-consuming, and it can be an overall frustrating undertaking. 

There are many things that can break or permanently damage our screen doors such as age and use, improper installation, party accidents, and the effects of our innocent pets.

Pets & Screen Doors: Mortal Enemies

Our little fur babies can be the bane of our screen door’s existence. It isn't just our pets' excitement for the great outdoors that can cause our screen doors to become damaged. Continual scratching can wear holes in our screen doors, especially when we haven't trimmed our pets' nails in a while. 

Many pet owners resign themselves to simply living with tortured-looking screen doors and chasing errant flies that found their way into the house. However, you don’t have to live like this. You can have a nearly unbreakable screen door that will withstand the wear and tear of our pets and others who have a tendency to rip, shred, and bend our screen doors.

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Pet screen or super screen was used in its construction.

If you make frequent trips down the screen aisle at your local home improvement store, you may assume that your only options are fiberglass or aluminum screen doors. Luckily, we offer many different options for heavy duty screen doors. 

If your pets or other equally destructive persons are the main cause for your screen door’s demise, then we recommend the use of pet screen. These doors are fitted with a vinyl-coated screening that is made to withstand the pawing, clawing, and innocent destruction that our pets cause. Super screen is a little less heavy-duty than pet screen, but can provide nearly equal tear-resistance.

"We offer pet screen accessories"

Pet Screen: Engineered to be Tough

Pet screen is one of the best screening materials on the market when you need a strong screen door. Here are some things you need to know about pet screen:

  • Is seven times stronger than traditional screen
  • Made from vinyl-coated polyester
  • Available in multiple screen roll sizes for easy installation
  • Available in our ready-to-install or ready-to-assemble screen doors
  • Sold in standard colors — black and gray — as well as other colors

Pet screen is an easy way to have a screen door that will last for years and allow you to focus your energies on things other than constant screen maintenance. 

Other Ways to Use Pet Screen: For Screening Features That Last

Pet screen can be used in your screen door to create a door that can truly stand up to the wear-and-tear that our pets can put on our homes. You can install pet screen in your home’s

Additionally, pet screen can be used in other projects such as creating the perfect hammock or even in hat- or bag-making. For these purposes, we offer colored pet screen.

Super Screen: Created For Ultimate Durability

Super screen, like pet screen, is created to withstand the elements that are the toughest on screens like hail, pets, and even wear-and-tear from our kids. Here are the things you need to know about super screen:

Super screen is the perfect material to use for all of your screening projects when you are looking for longevity and durability you can count on.

Ways to Use Super Screen: Screen You Can Count On

Super screen can be installed in your screen doors. However, it is perfect to be used for your screened-in porch, patio, or pool projects as well as anywhere around the house where a strong screen is required. Use super screen for:

  • Screen door
  • Window screens
  • Screened in porch, patio, pool

If you were looking for a screen that can do it all, your search is now over.

Which Screen Do I Choose?

You are probably wondering which screen to choose when it comes to creating your indestructible screen door. When you are choosing between super screen and pet screen, the factor to consider is the coarseness of the screen you are installing. Pet screen is more coarse than super screen which can affect visibility. If that is a concern, super screen might be your best option.

If you’re not sure which screen to choose, check out our product pages for super screen and pet screen, request a sample, or contact us — we would love to help you find the screen you need.

A screen door pet door was installed.

If you are still recovering from excitement and shock that such a thing does exist, let us reassure you that yes, a screen door pet door really is a “thing.” If you want to allow your pet free-range in and out of the house, installing a pet door in your screen door is an option and will also cut down on the destruction that your pet creates on your screen door. If you choose to install our pet door screen door, instead of using pet screen for it, you will need to use super screen. However, you can read more about those details on our  website.

Pet Doors From Metro Screenworks

Currently, we offer three sizes of pet doors that can fit pets both large and small:

  • 8” x 10” - for small pets
  • 12” x 14” - for medium pets
  • 12” x 16” - for large pets

Our pet doors are made from a light, but durable, plastic frame, which allows your pet to enter and exit your home easily, and can withstand years of use. Our pet doors fit most screen doors and can even be installed in window screens.

Pet Doors, the Perfect Companion For Catios

Our pet doors aren’t just perfect for installing in your screen door. They also are perfect for installing in your fury friend’s catio. A catio, for those of you who don’t know, is a cat patio — essentially, it is a screened-in window box or porch (and anything in between). Depending on the construction of your catio, a pet door can be essential for allowing your cat to access their hide-away easily while keeping the insects out.

Learn More About Catios:

Creating the perfect heavy duty screen door for your home depends on your needs as well as your “handiness.” Assembling your own screen door is easy, once you know how to do it and have the right tools. However, being able to install your screen door pre-assembled and ready-to-go can be the best option. Here are your options for making your screen door a reality.

Sliding Screen Door

Many modern homes have sliding screen doors. At Metro Screenworks we want to offer you a replacement screen door option that fits your needs and budget. All of our screen doors are custom made to your specifications so you can always count on a high-quality, affordable screen door that fits your needs. For a reinforced screen door, we recommend the Hercules sliding screen door. 

Pre-Assembled Sliding Screen Doors

We offer a variety of pre-made screen doors of various price points with multiple screening materials, framing, and construction options:

We also offer pre-assembled screen doors in bulk orders as well.

Un-Assembled Sliding Screen Doors

Additionally, we provide sliding screen doors ready to assemble. These door packages come with everything you need to create your own screen door including:

  • Screen
  • Frame
  • Handle (with lock)
  • Rollers
  • Corners

We also include the screen rolling tool that you will need! Our unassembled screen door options include:

We also offer DIY screen doors at wholesale prices.

Hinged Screen Door

Metro Screenworks also offers hinged screen doors that can fit doorways of any size. We offer a traditional screen door as well as other options — all with the option to install pet screen or super screen. We offer:

Visit our website, and contact us to learn more about the options available to you!

Making Your Own Screen Door

We also offer all the parts and tools you need to create and assemble your own screen door. In some cases, there is no need to get rid of the frame of your current screen door, or you may just prefer to assemble your own door. Whatever you wish, Metro Screenworks has what you need:

If you are ready to install the ultimate, nearly indestructible screen door and are in need or screening material, screen door repair parts, and more, visit Metro Screenworks’s online screen store! We offer high-quality materials and parts as well as pre-assembled screen doors as well. 

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