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Product Overview

This Un-Assembled Superior Sliding Screen Door is made of high-quality extruded aluminum which is stronger than most standard, flimsy and jam-prone roll-form screen doors. It is available in several colors and it comes with 4 adjustable steel rollers, a handle with latch, and your choice of insect screen – fiberglass screen comes standard. This DIY screen door kit is cut-to-size and easily assembles in just a few minutes. 

Our door locks are designed to fit doors installed on the OUTSIDE of your house. Allow 1/8" manufacturing tolerance. Coastal package available: Stainless steel rollers, screws, and latch hardware is ideal for coastal climates where normal doors will rust and fail to operate. 

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  • All parts included
  • Custom sizes available
  • Extruded aluminum frame
  • 4 steel adjustable rollers
  • Pull handle that latches
  • 1/2" thick sliding screen door
  • Frame color choices: white, bronze, silver, almond, green, beige, black, and silver (mill)
  • 90 day warranty

Optional Upgrades

  • Choice of specialty mesh: super screen, pet screen, BetterVue screen, solar screen, and more
  • Coastal package available (stainless steel rollers, screws, and latch hardware)

View our replacement sliding screen door measuring guidelines. Need sliding screen door track? Shop here.


Why Everyone Needs a Made-To-Order Screen Door

No door opening is the same size. Even “standard-size” door openings will have some variance due to installation and other factors. Choosing a made-to-size screen door will ensure it fits securely to keep insects out and smoothly slides open and closed – without jamming. You also can choose from a specialty mesh to get more value for your money and can choose from 6 standard colors (more custom colors) to match your home’s trim or door frame color. 

Specialty Screen Mesh – Get More For Your Money

Standard fiberglass insect mesh offers basic insect protection. Specialty mesh provides more benefits to increase comfort, energy efficiency, durability, and more. Here are some of our most popular mesh types and what they can offer you: 

  • BetterVue- Better outward visibility to enjoy your view
  • Super screen - more durability (3x stronger)
  • Pet screen - durability against pet-wear (7x stronger)
  • No-See-Um/Tiny Mesh (20 x20 ) - smaller holes to keep out no-see-ums and tiny insects
  • Solar Screen - reduce heat, glare, and increase energy efficiency (90% also provides tiny mesh benefits.
  • Aluminum - increased durability

Learn more here or contact us if you have questions. You can also request a sample before you buy a screen door.  

Our DIY Screen Door Kit is Easy to Assemble

Tools You'll Need: 

  • Screwdriver 
  • Roller tool (comes with your order)
  • Utility knife


Learn more by reading our FAQs below or contact us with any questions. We love to help our customers find the products that they need. You can also visit the Metro Screenworks showroom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado to see our custom screen doors in person and for free measuring service. Request a sample here

Can I Make a Sliding Screen Door?

Absolutely. A DIY screen door kit is an economical and easy way to make your own sliding screen door. Our kits come with all the parts you need for assembly and instructions. Our DIY sliding screen doors are designed to be easy-to-put-together and last. 

What is a DIY Sliding Screen Door Kit?

It is a kit that has all the parts needed to assemble your sliding screen door replacement. Our DIY screen door kit is a means of building a high-quality and custom screen door affordably. 



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