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May 2nd 2017

Replace Your Screen Door - Part 1

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Replace Your Screen Door - Part 1

Our window screens and sliding screen doors are often things that we forget about due to the fact that it has been winter for several months and in most parts of the country, we shut our doors as much as possible during the winter months to keep out the biting cold winds and weather. Regardless if you live in a climate that has severe winters of not, it’s easy to forget about the conveniences we have such as sliding screen doors, until it’s time to use them and they are in need of repair.

Sliding screen doors can become damaged due to a variety of reasons. The dog ran through it or maybe your pet has clawed your screen to shreds. Perhaps the track of your sliding screen door is bent. Whatever the case, here are some basic tips for repairing your sliding screen door so that you can enjoy those fresh spring and summer breezes that we have been waiting for.

Replacing Your Screen Door: Choosing Your Screen

Often, when you need to replace your screen door, it’s just the actual screen that is in need of some maintenance. Replacing the screen is actually easier than it may seem at first. All you need is the right screen door repair parts and tools and screen material.

The first step for replacing your sliding screen door is to assess what kind of damage has been done. If it’s just your screen, the next step is to determine what kind of screen material you need for your sliding screen door. If you are unfamiliar with screen door products, you may not have thought that you had a choice as to what kind of screen you can install in your sliding screen door. You actually have many choices. We at Metro Screenworks offer a variety of screening options to fit your needs. We sell high-quality traditional aluminum wire and fiberglass screen, as well as many specialty screens. We offer a variety of screen material options for our customer’s needs:

You Have Pets & Kids

In many cases pets, our kids, or both tend to inflict the most damage on our sliding screen doors. Often, installing a heavy duty screen is the best option for keeping your sliding screen door intact. We offer pet screen as a practical option for your sliding screen door: Pet screen is vinyl-coated polyester which is 7 times stronger than fiberglass or aluminum wire screen. Pet screen is tear-resistant and not easily damaged. And, though pet screen is considered a heavy duty screen, your view will not obstructed. Metro Screenworks sells our pet screen in black, gray, and a variety of other colors.

Need Durability

Super screen is another alternative to traditional fiberglass and aluminum screen and provides the durability that you need against damage from our pets, kids, and the elements of the weather. The difference between super screen and pet screen is that super screen is lighter and thinner: Also made from a vinyl-coated polyester, super screen comes with a 7 year warranty and does not obscure the view through your sliding screen door. Super screen can also be used in other applications, such as windows and screen porch panels.

Want Sun Protection

Perhaps you are looking for sun protection. Most of us think more about protecting our bodies from the sun, but our homes and the furniture inside them also need protection. Metro Screenworks offers solar screen in various strengths so that you can protect your home from the damaging UV rays of the sun that can fade couches, tables, and more.

Desire a Better View

We also offer options for those who want to better see the view out their screen door. Metro Screenworks sells BetterVue and UltraVue screen; This type of screen will do just what you need your screen to do (i.e. keep out insects), but obscures your view less than regular screen. If you have a great view out your window, why settle for a screen material that does anything less?

Need to Have Allergy Protection

Maybe you are the type that finds using your sliding screen door frustrating due to your allergies; we have a screen material that can work for you! We sell pollen and dust screen that acts as a filter, so that when you use your sliding screen door, all those allergens and dust that would normally float on through your screen and into your home, can be caught in the screen. Learn more about our allergen and dust filtering screen on our website!

Want More Options?

These are just some of the many screen products that we sell in rolls for your sliding screen door repair project. We also offer tiny-mesh, copper screen, and traditional high-quality fiberglass and aluminum screen. Shop all of our screening products online and get a sliding screen door that does just what you need it to do for you and your family.

Finding the right screen material is just the beginning of replacing your screen door. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our blog series to find out more about installing your chosen screen material and the screen door repair parts and tools that you will need to fix your sliding screen door.

Have Other Screen Needs?

Metro Screenworks is your one-stop shop for all your screen needs. We sell custom screen doors, and window screens, as well as many other tools and products that make having the screen that you want and need easy. Shop our inventory online!

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