5 Reasons Your Kitty Needs a Catio

Feb 25th 2019

5 Reasons Your Kitty Needs a Catio

Cat lounging on the ground and the title "5 reasons your kitty needs a catio"

5 Reasons Your Kitty Needs a Catio

One of the latest (and arguably the greatest) home improvement trends is the catio. What is a catio, you may ask? A catio is a “patio” for your cat, hence the name catio. A catio can essentially be a full-sized, screened-in patio area dedicated to your kitty, a smaller area equipped with shelves a cat tree and other play things, or as small as a cat-sized window box. Whatever you build, we are sure your kitty will love you for it and all the sunshine and fresh air they will get to enjoy because of it.

Today on the Metro Screenworks, we are going to give you a few more reasons why your cat will love you for a catio. Be sure to shop Metro Screenworks for essential building materials such as pet screen or super screen. We want to help you make the perfect outdoor oasis for your feline friend.

5 Reasons Your Cat Wants You to Build a Catio

Many cat owners would argue that cats know exactly what they want and run their lives exactly how they want them. You may wonder what your cat is thinking. All cats are different. However, today we can tell you one thing: your cat wants a catio and here’s why.

Keeps Them Safe

A catio allows them to stay safe while still remaining “outside”. Cat owners are very familiar with the dangers that can lurk outside — it can be difficult to want to let your kitty outside. However, a catio can be just the right compromise: it allows your kitty time to play outside, a place to relax in the sun and get some fresh air while keeping them away from dangers that can roam wild and free.

Provides an Active Lifestyle

No matter if you are a kitty or a human, you need time outside to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. A catio allows your kitty to get these much needed essentials and allows them to have a more active lifestyle. Catios can be the purrrfect play place to invigorate your kitty and allow them to play all day — helping them to keep extra pounds off!

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Can Reduce Vet Visits

If you are a cat parent, you are probably well aware of all the dangers that are outside; depending on how long you have had your kitty, together you may have experienced some close calls. Even if you are the most loving cat parent, vet bills can become a big financial burden. However, if your cat enjoys the outdoors via a catio instead of roaming wild, you can have greater control over what your cat comes into contact with. You will not only save money, but rest easy knowing your kitty is safe and sound.

More Time to Bond With Your Kitty

Do you love to enjoy fresh air? Why not have your feline friend join you? A catio can allow you more time to bond with your cat while you take in all the benefits of the outdoors. If you want to hangout with your kitty outside, be sure to make your catio big enough to include a comfy chair or two!

Lessen Territorial Tension

If you have several cats, you may understand the tension that can arise from too many alphas. A catio allows various parties to have a place to go when there is a disagreement. Like humans after a fight, a little fresh air can be the perfect way for your kitty to settle down after a fight.

If you are now convinced that your cat would love a catio — and let’s be honest, they are more than deserving — shop Metro Screenworks for the perfect DIY-catio-building materials! We offer pet screen which is seven times stronger than regular screen as well as super screen which is three times stronger. Shop your Top Rated National® Window Screen store online and get same-day shipping.