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Rolls of Solar Screen

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Rolls of Solar Screen

Sun Protection For Your Whole Home

While living in a sunny place can be wonderful, it isn’t ideal in every situation. The sun heats the house, which raises the cost of cooling. You can use shades or curtains, but those options can be troublesome when you want to open your window on a breezy day. Our solution? Install solar screens on your windows, doors, patio enclosures, or pool cages. 

Solar screen reduces exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays, helps cool down your home, and reduce glare, all while protecting your space from insects. Plus, you can enjoy great outward visibility with daytime privacy, so you can see outside without nosy neighbors peeking through during the day. If you want to enjoy the outdoors while protecting your skin and eyes, consider installing solar screen for your new or replacement window screens.


Solar Screen Specifications

Available in 65%, 80%, and 90% UV Blocking Levels
Available in 100 foot bulk rolls
Available in widths up to 120”

Benefits of Solar Screen

UV Blocking Screen Mesh

Exposure to UV rays can cause inflammation, sunburn, eye problems, and even cancer. Our solar screen material lets you enjoy fresh air while greatly reducing UV exposure. 

Glare Reduction

We all know how annoying the sun can be on our screens. Whether you’re working from home, playing video games, or watching tv, the glare can ruin the experience. Use solar screen on windows or doors where sun glare is often a problem. 

Energy Efficient Window Screen

Running the air conditioner 24/7 can be quite the strain on your wallet. What’s more, rooms that get less sun exposure end up much cooler than others. Solar window screens let you cool every room in your house even during the hottest months of the year.


Solar screen is also incredibly durable. This means that your furry friends can stay cool without having to constantly replace your screens. 

Solar Screen Applications

Solar Screen for Pool Enclosures

Swim in comfort without worrying about the sun beating down and exposing you and your family to its harmful UV rays. 

Solar Screen for Windows

Use solar screen on your windows to bring down cooling costs and reduce glare on your tv or computer screens. 

Solar Screen for Doors

Solar screen’s durability makes it perfect for high-traffic areas like doorways. 

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