4 Benefits of Solar Shades For Windows For Your Home

Posted by Metro Screenworks on May 13th 2022

4 Benefits of Solar Shades For Windows For Your Home

Man lounging in shaded living room

4 Benefits of Solar Shades For Windows For Your Home

Putting shades on your windows not only makes your home interior look better and more complete, but it also helps with home efficiency. Roll-up solar shades are particularly good at saving electricity in houses. But did you know that they also have a bunch of other benefits? Here are four of the top reasons you should consider roll-up solar shades for windows.

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Sunlight Management

Solar blinds for windows designs vary from sheer to dense canvas-like fabric. This means you can manage sunlight to your exact preferences. If you like plenty of natural light, shades let in a little more light while still mitigating sunlight brightness and glare. Whether you want to avoid interior sun damage or you simply want to watch TV no matter where the sun is in the sky, solar shades allow you to choose the amount of light in your home.


The term “heat penetration” refers to the amount of heat your windows let in from outside. In the summertime, windows can let in tons of unwanted heat. This makes your energy bills go up because your HVAC system is working harder to keep your house cool. Roll-up solar shades are specifically designed to block that heat from making its way into your home. That way, you keep the cool air in and the hot air out, saving money on your electric bill.

Bed with sunlight shining on itSimple to Maintain

Blinds are the most popular window coverings in the US. However, they quickly gather dust and pet hair and are a chore to clean. Since sun shades for windows are stored in a tight coil when not in use, they don’t get nearly as dirty as traditional blinds. Also, due to the nature of the fabrics they’re constructed with, they are less likely to collect debris in the first place. Even when they do need cleaning, it’s as easy as wiping down each side of their flat surface. There are no individual slats to worry about, so you can clean in a fraction of the time.

Sleek Design

Last but certainly not least is the sleek aesthetic of sun screen shades. Shades have a minimalist design that complements any interior look without overpowering it. Also, for an even more impressive look, you can upgrade to motorized versions that are sure to make guests jealous. This type of shade will fit in exceptionally well with modern interior design preferences.

Overall, roll up solar shades offer plenty of benefits that you should consider when picking your window coverings. At Metro Screenworks, we have a many options that can complement your look. Take a look at our selection today, or contact our knowledgeable team for help with any questions you may have. We also offer financing to make your home improvement projects truly work for you.