What Are Window Screens for Cats?

Sep 19th 2018

What Are Window Screens for Cats?

Cat with tilted head and text "what are window screens for cats?"

What Are Window Screens for Cats?

Welcome back to the Metro Screenworks blog! On our blog, you can find insightful and practical information such as the effects of our screens on our health, when to use certain types of window screen material, and how to measure for window screens. We also occasionally reflect on the history of window screens and how to create a hammock for your screened in porch. Today on our blog, we are going to answer a question: What are window screens for cats?

The Problem: Torn Window Screens

We love our feline friends and wouldn’t want to change anything about them. However, they do sometimes present problems for our home’s window screens. Their claws can often leave our screens looking less than their best with rips, tears, and holes. Whether your cat likes to climb your screens or simply paw at insects on the other side of the screen, they often leave their mark on your window screens causing to wonder what to do with your ripped screens: do you leave the screens as is, replace the window screens to most likely replace yet again, or do you simply go screen-less?

The Solution: Replacement Window Screen

Why is investing in replacement window screens the best option? First, you must understand why you need screens: screens keep out bugs and other pests that can affect your health and your cat’s health. Secondly, your window screens can keep your cat from accidently falling or jumping out the window. Thirdly, ripped screens are as ineffective as not having a window screen at all.

Pet Screen

Pet screen is the replacement window screen material that we recommend to most cat owners. Pet screen is manufactured with the wear and tear that our cats put on our screens in mind. This specialty screen is created from vinyl-coated polyester that is seven times stronger than traditional fiberglass and aluminum screen. Made to withstand claws and teeth, pet screen can be installed in your windows, screen doors, and screened in porch areas. Installing pet door in your screen door can also be a purrrfect addition to pet-proof your home, allowing your cat to come and go as they please.

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Super Screen

Super screen can also be a great alternative for those applications that require strong screen. Though not as rugged as pet screen, super screen is resistant to tearing and is 3 times stronger than traditional screen. Super screen can also be used in your window screens, screen doors, and screened-in porch areas.

Pet Screen Isn’t Just For Cats

Pet screen doesn’t just accommodate the wear and tear of cats. It can withstand the constant pawing of your canine friends on your screen door, and the curious and sometimes destructive habits of our little ones. Pet screen can also be the utilized in craft projects and outdoor applications.

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