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Apr 25th 2018

5 Benefits of Fresh Air & Your Window Screens

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5 Benefits of Fresh Air & Your Window Screens

In 1991, scientists embarked on a research endeavor that would take more commitment and would ultimately show everyone how important oxygen is to the body. The Biosphere project built a miniature earth within their glass encased and air-tight facility that included a mini ocean, rainforest, and many of the same plants, animals, and insects found throughout the world. The ultimate purpose of the project was to figure out how humans and the earth’s natural ecosystems that they inhabit could coexist beneficially together. Those who were a part of the project, grew their own food, composted all of their waste, and as Jane Poynter a participant tells, truly learned every aspect that goes into making a pizza.

The project came to a close when they realized the amount of oxygen that was being produced in the Biosphere could not sustain them. Like our window screens and screen doors, oxygen is something that is easy to forget about. Without any extra thought, we breathe it in and go about our daily lives. If you are reading this post, we are assuming that you are breathing and doing just fine. However, have you opened the windows and experienced the benefits of fresh air?

There is a reason why we go outside or open the windows. Fresh air is better for you than the stale air that you that you have been breathing this past winter and spring inside your home and office and here’s why.

5 Benefits of Fresh Air

Cleans Your Lungs

Fresh air actually helps to clean your lungs. As you exhale, you release toxins that are in your lungs. Though any time you breath, you release toxins, when we are inside, we tend to breath in indoor pollution versus the clean air of the great outdoors that actually does purify our lungs.

Helps With Digestion

Getting some fresh air can also improve your digestion. Taking even a short walk can get our blood flowing and ignite our digestion as well, clearing away toxins and allowing our bodies to fully absorb nutrients.

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Provides Serotonin to Your Brain

Inhaling oxygen also stimulates the release of serotonin to the brain which can lighten your mood and make you happy. This is why taking a deep breath can be so beneficial. Not only does it slow your breathing, but it provides oxygen to the brain so we can think clearly.

Improves Immune System

When you body is fighting harmful bacteria, viruses, and free radicals, your white blood cells need extra oxygen to perform their job best and keep you feeling happy and healthy.

Brings Greater Clarity

As we mentioned above, breathing in fresh air can give you the clarity that you need to remain calm, make wise, thoughtful decisions, and find the solutions to your problems. Not sure what to do or can’t figure out the answer to a problem? Go for a walk or simply step outside and take some deep breaths.

If you would like to have more fresh air and clear your home of indoor pollution, open your windows and your door, let your window screens and screen door keep the pests out, and allow the fresh air in. If your screen door is in need of repair, shop Metro Screenworks’ full inventory of screen door repair parts or buy a pre-assembled door! Window screens not keeping the pests out? Check out our full line of screen rolls and custom window screens and be sure to shop our screen door repair parts and window screens on the Metro Screenworks’ online screen store!