Indoor Air Quality: What You Thought You Knew

Jan 16th 2019

Indoor Air Quality: What You Thought You Knew

"Indoor air quality: What you thought you knew"

Indoor Air Quality: What You Thought You Knew

Welcome back to Metro Screenworks! In our last blog, we discussed the health benefits of fresh air and indoor air quality. The quality of the air around us can make a big impact on our health. During a season when nearly everyone is signing up for health clubs, buying more kale than they normally would, and hoping that this is the year that they get healthy, it is important to consider all aspects of our health. Having a fully healthy body isn’t just about going to the gym or what we eat; all aspects of our environment have an impact on our health. With that in mind, we continue our conversation from our last blog post, and discuss the many myths that people believe about indoor air quality.

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5 Indoor Air Quality Myths

What do you believe about the air quality of your home? Have you ever thought about it? It’s time to become informed.

Myth 1: Pollution Is Always Visible

Pollution, like many harmful free radicals isn’t always visible. Many pollutants are visible such as smoke and some exhaust. However, it is sometimes the microscopic allergens and other free radicals that are floating around in our homes and office spaces that can be the most harmful. When thinking about pollution, it is important to expand our ideas about what it actually is. It is anything — even those things that we can’t see — that can significantly impact our health.

Myth 2: Pollution Only Happens Outside

When you hear the word “pollution” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a car exhaust pipe, smoke stack, or a giant hole in the Ozone? It is important to consider the impact of major contributors to outdoor pollution. However, did you know that your home can be just as polluted? It will most likely not be filled with those same pollutants. However, it will be polluted all the same, even if you can’t see it. Indoor pollutants that can fill the air of a typical home include pet dander and hair, pollen, chemicals from cleaners, bacteria, viruses, and more. Even if your home isn’t stale-smelling, it may be time to open the windows and let clean air filter through your screens.

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Myth 3: Indoor Air Is Always Cleaner

Because pollution is often thought of as being something that is only outside, it is easy to assume that indoor air is always cleaner. However, this isn’t the case. As we discussed in the previous two sections of this post, pollution can come in a variety of forms: indoor pollution can be anything from dust, byproducts of cleaners, pet dander and fur, human hair, organic material, bacteria, viruses, and more. These pollutants can have a profound effect on our physical, mental, and emotional health, and can get caught in our lungs if we don’t take time to access fresh air from air filters and the outdoors.

Myth 4: Outdoor Air is Always Cleaner

You may also suppose that outdoor air is always cleaner than indoor air. This is also wrong to assume. Many think that going to National Parks will always allow them access to clean air. However, this isn’t the case. Depending on the type of national park, there may be just as must traffic there as in the city. Another reason why there can be pollution even in the mountains and valleys outside our cities is due to air flow: air currents trap clouds of smog and other pollutants in their secluded areas.

Myth 5: You Eventually Become Immune to Poor Air

The human body is incredible, however, it isn’t invincible. Many assume that exposure to a harmful thing with only help them get stronger — like many of the heroes of fairytales who drank poison to become immune to it. If we constantly expose our bodies to harmful allergens and other pollutants, our immune system will weaken and we will be more susceptible to bacterial infections and viruses — to put it succinctly, exposure to a bad thing is in the majority of cases, always counterproductive.

If you want to make poor indoor air quality a thing of the past, it is time to invest in reliable screens and open your windows — it is time to recirculate the air in your home and to let the bad air out and the good air in. To get window screens and screen doors that you can rely on, shop Metro We offer specialty screen such as air filtration screen, copper screen, solar screen, and more! Shop the nations supplier of top-quality screen products for over thirty years, online!