Screen Tight Cap And Base 1 1/2 x 96 Inch

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Product Overview

Order on this page for smaller projects, using 5 or more sticks (cap and base)

Screen Tight System is a common sense approach to screening an existing or new porch, sunroom, deck, or other outdoor structure. The base component of the system attaches to existing 2x4 or 4x4 framing with wood screws. Screen mesh and spline are then installed in the channels within the base. Lastly, the cap component is snapped on top to hide the screws for a finished look. Instructions are included with your order.

This Screen Tight pack is best for smaller projects, using 5 or less sticks (cap and base). For larger projects, shop our 20 pack. Screen Tight is also available in 3-1/2 inch width base and cap. 


  • Easy-to-install for DIY-ers and contractors
  • High-quality and cost-effective 
  • Simple re-screening and repair — no more staples!
  • Multiple colors available - white, gray, beige, and brown
  • Weather- and UV-resistant vinyl — will not corrode
  • Integrates seamlessly with MeshGuard

Materials Included in Screen Tight Pack

  • 5 Screen Tight Caps
  • 5 Screen Tight Bases
  • Complete instructions

Additional Needed Materials

Suggested Tools For Installation

Choosing Your Screen Mesh

We sell the screen mesh for your porch system separately so you can find the mesh that best suits your needs. We recommend: 

For contractors and larger projects, request a bid.

Screen Tight Installation Tips

Instructions are always included when you buy a Screen Tight system pack. However, use these tips and the graphics below to help you install your porch screen system. Have questions? Call us! We’d be happy to help. 

Cut & Install Base 

  • Cut the base strips to fit the vertical framing members. 
  • Attach the base to the framing members with 1" screws. Each slot on the base holds  one screw. Don't install the screws so tightly that they deform the base. 
  • Cut base strips to fit the horizontal-framing members and attach them. The horizontal base should butt to the edges of the vertical base.

Install Screen

  • Have a helper stretch the screen taut over the opening. Don't stretch the screen so tightly that it is deformed. Use the concave wheel of the screening tool to begin installing the spline into the channel on the base. 
  • Once you have 6" to 12" of the screen started, use the convex wheel to push the spline securely into the channel. 
  • Cut off the excess screen and throw it away. Continue until all of the screening is installed.

Cut & Apply Cap

  • Cut the cap pieces to fit the vertical base pieces and install them. Use a rubber mallet to snap the cap into the base. Then cut and install the horizontal cap piece.


Have questions about Screen Tight or how to complete your project? Check out answers to frequently asked questions below and/or contact us! You can also visit the Metro Screenworks showroom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. 

How Does the Screen Tight System Work?

This system includes a vinyl base and cap which are how the screen is installed. Screw the base onto 2x2s or 4x4s of a new or existing porch enclosure. Next, using a roller tool and spline, install the screen into the base. Lastly, snap the cap over the base to hide the screws and give your screen enclosure a finished look. 

Is a Screened-In Porch Worth the Money?

Yes. In a recent NAHB study, a porch is one of the top five desired outdoor features by home buyers. What’s more, over 65% of new homes have a porch. Screening your porch can allow you to enjoy the outdoors with insect protection, and it is a home improvement project that will offer a return on investment.

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