BULK ORDER Window Screens - 12 Screen Minimum Order

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Minimum Order of 12 Total Screens! (Can Be Various Sizes To Meet 12 Screen Minimum)
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Product Overview

Get discounted pricing when ordering 12 or more new window screens (same size or a mix of sizes). All new window screens are custom made-to-size with your choice of screen frame, screen mesh, and hardware. Your order of new or replacement window screens will ship directly to you, fully assembled and ready-to-install. However, we do offer pick-up options at our warehouse. Please allow an estimated 5 to 7 days of manufacture time. We can price match!

Whether you’re a contractor, an apartment building going through a renovation, or embarking on your own personal screening project, Metro Screenworks provides the quality, durability, performance, and value you need. Over 40 years in business, Metro Screenworks is the trusted nationwide leader in custom window screens, bulk window screens, wholesale window screens, screen doors, screening for porches, and everything in between. All of our screens are manufactured in the USA. 

If ordering fewer than 12 screens, order them here

Ordering Wholesale Window Screens From Metro

  • Our high quality window screens are manufactured to the size and specifications you need when replacing your window screen.
  • Simply select your frame size, frame color, hardware, and screen mesh type from the menu above to customize your wholesale replacement window screens.
  • Bulk pricing is applied to orders of 12 or more window screens. You can mix and match size, frame color, and mesh for some or all of your order. 
  • Our wholesale window screen replacements are made within 1/16" of the dimensions you provide for a perfect fit.
  • All bulk window screen orders are shipped to you fully assembled, ready to install.

Benefits Of Ordering Wholesale Window Screen Replacements

  • Buy discount window screens in bulk to save the most money
  • Complete custom made window screens for easy, fast installation
  • Made-to-size - within 1/16” of the dimensions you provide 
  • Screen frame – 3/4" profile standard.  Other frames available by phone order.
  • Multiple mesh types available - choose from insect, solar, and pollen screen mesh types for your bulk window screens
  • Screen frame color options - choose from black, white, beige, almond, bronze, silver to match your interior home decor
  • Rush service and expedited shipping available upon request
  • We sell all types of window screens to homeowners, schools, apartment buildings, contractors and more!
  • No order too small or large for our 35,000 square foot factory warehouse
  • Bulk window screen orders ship within 5-7 business days

Types Of Specialty Screen Mesh For Your Wholesale Replacement Windows

Standard fiberglass insect screens offer basic insect protection. However, specialty mesh can offer more benefits to increase comfort, energy efficiency, durability, and more. Here are some of our most popular mesh types and their benefits:

  • UltraVue2 - Best outward visibility to enjoy your view. Features watershed technology to repel water, dirt, and grime.
  • Super screen - More durability, 3x stronger than standard fiberglass screen.
  • Pet screen - Durability against pet-wear, 7x stronger than standard fiberglass screen.
  • No-See-Um - Smaller holes to keep out no-see-ums and tiny insects, great for buggy coastal areas. 
  • BetterVue - Improved visibility to enjoy your view. Features watershed technology* to repel water, dirt, and grime.
  • Solar Insect Screen - Provides daytime privacy and solar shading - 65% UV protection & sun shielding. Tiny mesh keeps insects out. 
  • Charcoal Aluminum - Classic screen with good visibility, reduced glare, and increased durability.

We also offer standard materials like fiberglass screens and aluminum screens. Learn more here and contact us with any of your questions! 


Types Of Hardware For Your Discount Window Screens

When ordering wholesale window screens, there's more to think about than just mesh type and frame dimensions. Depending on your window type, you'll need specific hardware for a perfect fit. Read more about the types of screen hardware below and reference the image above to see what's right for you:

  • Corner Spring - Holds the screen frame in place when installing it in window frame. Provides tension fit. 
  • Pull Tab - Provides a place for the installer to hold when pulling the screen frame into its place in the window frame.
  • Acorn Pointer - Rivets onto a window screen frame and helps to hold the window screen frame in place.
  • Plunger Bolt - Holds screen in window frame by popping into a hole drilled into window frame, existing channel, or groove. (4" From Frame Corner Unless Customer Specifies Otherwise")
  • Friction Hanger - Installs in wooden window frames to hold aluminum insect screen in place. Use with loop latch.
  • Loop Latch - Holds the bottom of the screen frame snug against the window frame. Use with friction hanger.
  • Casement Clip - Holds the screen frame in wooden and metal window frames. Will not rust or corrode.
  • Knife Latch - Holds the window screen in window frame by inserting into a slit in the screen frame. 

Why Choose Metro For Your Wholesale Replacement Window Screens?

When you shop with Metro Screenworks, you get more than what's offered at typical home improvement stores. Our bulk window screens will outperform generic screen brands every time and have the best price discount for bulk ordering on the market.

  • Easy Installation - no more stress, our replacement window screens are the easiest to install.
  • Measuring Tips & Resources - use our videos, step-by-step guides, and images to help measure your screens.
  • Trusted Support - if you need extra support, our screen specialists are available by phone, chat, and email anytime.
  • Industry Leader - we're number one in this business because we build every screen with care and accuracy. 
  • Best Pricing - with our bulk pricing discount, Metro's wholesale replacement window screens are the most affordable option for large projects. Bulk order window screens - 12 screen minimum order 1463.

FAQs - Wholesale Window Screens

With all of the options available, it can be difficult to decide which window screen mesh will provide the most value, look the best, and help you remain on budget. The window screen experts at Metro Screenworks can help you decide the best options for you. Read answers to frequently asked questions below and/or call us today!

Who Should Buy Wholesale Window Screens in Bulk? 

Buying wholesale replacement window screens is great for both residential and commercial users alike. Whether you’re a contractor, an apartment building going through a renovation, a university or office building upgrading your decor -  Metro Screenworks provides the quality, durability, performance, and value you need.

What is the Strongest Screen Material?

Pet screen. The strongest material we offer for our bulk complete window screens is pet screen mesh. It is 7 times stronger than fiberglass mesh. Super screen is the second strongest which is 3 times stronger. If you are looking for the strongest screening material available, shop our stainless steel security screens.  

What is the Clearest Window Screen?

UltraVue also called invisible screen is nearly invisible and provides the most visibility of any window screen on the market. UltraVue is perfect for picture windows and anywhere in your home that has a great view that you don’t want impeded by a window screen — but would still like insect protection. UltraVue is vinyl-coated for long-lasting performance and designed with water-shedding technology.  

Learn More - Helpful Window Screen Resources