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History of the Screen

Window screens are some of the things, like carpet, the light bulb, and other everyday items and materials that go unnoticed by most. Window screens have been assimilated into our everyday life since before we were born and would hardly give them a second thought until we have to bear the nuisance of pests that [...]

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Replacement Window Screens: UV Protection for You and Your House

We have been trained our whole lives that one of the “dangers” of summer is sunburn and damage due to too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays. We slather sunscreen, spend time in the shade, and if we overestimate our sun protection’s ability, at the end of the day we dab aloe over our [...]

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Pool Party!

In our last post, we began planning for that dream pool you’ve always wanted, and part of having a pool is throwing an epic party after your dream pool’s completion. Though it is winter and that pool party is a long way away, if you want an epic party, and need help keeping those winter [...]

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Keep Your House Warmer This Winter

One of the conundrums that many of us find ourselves in is where to set the thermostat during the winter. If you are living with more than one person, and usually if that person is of another gender, there are usually disagreements about how warm the house should be. And the conundrum isn’t just for [...]

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A Screened-In Porch for You

Wanting to change up your patio area? Maybe a screened-in porch is what you need! Not only do you have a variety of options for your screened-in porch, but you also, thanks to Metro Screenworks, have screen systems that will make your screened-in porch truly your own. But what can you use a screened-in porch [...]

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Want a Change? Try a Screened-In Porch

Want to change up your patio, but not sure how? One great way to change up your patio is to create a screened-in porch! Even though winter is approaching and in so many places the time spent enjoying the outdoors is coming to a close, winter is one of the best times to start making [...]

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Preliminary Steps to Making Your House Your Dream Home

House flipping was all the rage a few years ago, and the desire to breathe new life into old and outdated homes is still incredibly popular. Ratings for shows about people remodeling their homes or building unique homes, like tiny homes, and searching for the perfect location indicate that people love to dream about improving [...]

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Caring for Your Window Screens

Window, door, and other outdoor screens are probably one of the most neglected parts of the house, because they we forget how important they really are. To keep your screens functioning well and keep them tight, heightening their overall functionality, you should follow proper screen care.Set-UpGet SuppliesFirst, you must set up your area for cleaning [...]

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Custom Screens: Measuring and the Endless Possibilities!

Owning a home is an exciting part of life for many people. Owning a home and getting to customize it to your own specifications, needs, and likes is one of the most satisfying feelings. One of the many aspects of your home that you can customize is custom screens. Not only are there are many [...]

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