Featured Product: Classic Sliding Screen Door

Posted by Metro Screenworks on Feb 24th 2022

Featured Product: Classic Sliding Screen Door

Featured Product: Classic Sliding Screen Door

If you’ve never bought a new sliding screen door or it's been awhile since you’ve bought a replacement, you may be asking “how do I choose a screen door? Do I go to my local home improvement store? Or can I buy a screen door online like many other things I buy?” The answer to all of these questions is “yes,” and today on the Metro Screenworks blog we are going to tell you why.

Why Buy A Custom Sliding Screen Door?

If you started to shop for a replacement sliding screen door, you may have noticed that at home improvement stores, they offer screen doors in standard sizes and on the Metro Screenworks website, we offer custom screen doors – why? Though many modern track homes have standard sized doors, there is always some variance in the size. This means that even if you buy the standard size door that you need, you may have to make additional adjustments so the door will fit. For custom or older homes, the door size could be any number of dimensions.

More Customizations For The Best Sliding Screen Door

Beyond just the size, a custom door can be made to match the door trim color and can be upgraded in a number of ways including, upgrading the screen mesh to a specialty mesh that can provide more durability, pollen-filtering, or better visibility than standard fiberglass.

An Affordable Replacement Sliding Screen Door

One of our more popular doors is the Classic Sliding Screen Door. Many people like this door because it is affordable but also provides longevity and quality in addition to other benefits.

Benefits of Our Classic Sliding Screen Door

  • Fully assembled, ready-to-install
  • Custom sizes available
  • Extruded aluminum frame
  • 4 steel adjustable rollers
  • Choice of specialty mesh: super screen, pet screen, BetterVue screen, solar screen, and more
  • Pull handle that latches
  • 1/2" thick sliding screen door
  • Frame color choices: white, bronze, silver, almond, tan, green, beige, black, and silver (mill)
  • 90 day warranty

Shop the Classic Siding Screen Door or learn more about our other custom sliding screen doors.

Custom Size For Best Function

When a screen door doesn’t match the size of the door opening exactly it can jam, let in bugs (which defeats the purpose of a screen door), or the door frame has to be modified with trim. A door made to your size needs, will fit and function as it’s supposed to and be easy-to-install.

Frame Color Options For Great Curb Appeal

A sliding screen door with custom screen frame options allows your screen door to have the most curb appeal. We offer six color options which will match most standard door frames. If another color is required, you can upgrade to the Superior Sliding Screen Door to enjoy more choices. Curb appeal will not only allow your home to look its best, but can help increase the value of your home and contribute to the average home value in your neighborhood.

Specialty Mesh For Greater Value

The Classic Sliding Screen Door provides options to upgrade the mesh of your new screen door from standard fiberglass to a specialty mesh. Specialty mesh allows you to get more out of your screen door and depending on the type, help it to last longer.

For Those With Pets . . .

If you have pets who tend to put significant wear on your sliding screen door, then super screen or pet-resistant screen might be the best choice for you. These types can withstand hail and other elements that put wear on our screens.

For Those With A Million-Dollar View . . .

Whether you have a view that you paid for or you just like to see your garden or kids play with more clarity, BetterVue screen can offer you a clearer view than fiberglass. BetterVue has been engineered to provide the best visibility on the market while also offering strength.

For Those With No-See-Ums . . .

If no-see-ums, gnats, and other small bugs can get through your screen door then it’s time to upgrade to tiny mesh. Tiny mesh has smaller holes than standard fiberglass screen and so, can keep all bugs – even the small ones – from crawling through your screen door.

For Those Who Need Solar Protection/Energy Efficiency . . .

We also offer solar screen that blocks a certain percentage of UV rays and light: the higher the percentage of the screen, the less UV rays and light can get through. Solar screen come in strengths from 65% to 95%, and can help to decrease heat, sun glare, and light – allowing for possible energy efficiency benefits, a cooler home, and protection of your interiors from sun damage. The sun can cause cracking, fading, and other signs of deterioration on wood, fabric, leather, and art work. Solar screen also provides day-time privacy

See all of the screen mesh options when you shop the Classic Sliding Screen Door.

Higher Quality Materials For Durability & Longevity

When you buy from Metro Screenworks, you get a replacement sliding screen door that is made with integrity and high quality materials. The frame of our sliding screen door is made of extruded aluminum which strengthens the door against everyday use compared to roll-frame aluminum or plastic doors. We use other high-quality parts and we make each door by hand and to-order in our warehouse in Denver, Colorado. We take great pride in providing our customers the best screen door for their investment.

Shop the Classic Sliding Screen Door online. We offer financing options with Affirm to help make your home improvement projects even more affordable.