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Replace Your Screen Door - Part 1

Our window screens and sliding screen doors are often things that we forget about due to the fact that it has been winter for several months and in most parts of the country, we shut our doors as much as possible during the winter months to keep out the biting cold winds and weather. Regardless [...]

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Pet Protection for Your Screen Doors

Do you have a pet who you love, but does immense damage to your screens? Are you feeling frustrated that you can’t seem to keep your window screens or your sliding screen doors looking nice? We at Metro Screenworks understand the struggle and offer high-quality screen systems, window screen material, sliding screen doors, and screen [...]

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Custom Screen Doors Options

Did yours screen door get damaged or are you looking to upgrade your sliding screen door? Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your screens or wish you had a sliding screen door for your French doors. Whatever your need is, we at Metro Screenworks have a variety of sliding screen doors and custom screen solutions. Sometimes [...]

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Window Screen Material: You’ve Got Options

Window Screen Material: You’ve Got OptionsHave your window screens been damaged or are you looking to upgrade your screens? Are you building, remodeling, or want to add a screened in porch to your home? Regardless of the task ahead, Metro Screenworks would like to help you complete your project by sharing with you all the [...]

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5 Reasons You Need a Hammock

Do you have a screened-in porch or are you thinking of purchasing custom screens for a screened-in porch, but unsure how or what to use your screened-in porch for? What you use your screened-in porch for will differ from person to person, dependent on their lifestyle. In previous posts, we’ve suggested you make your screened-in [...]

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6 Reasons to Open Your Windows

Being winter in much of the country, opening your windows is probably one of the last things on our minds. But possibly contrary to popular thought, it is important on the days that are bearable (and if your live in a part of the country where it isn’t below zero), to open the windows to [...]

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Giving Your Window Screen a Long Life

One of the tragedies of today’s world is the fact that so many things aren’t designed to last. Our cellphones are meant to be replaced every two years. Cars replaced every few years, if we can afford it. Is the same concept true when it comes to your replacement window screen? Well...yes and no.Under optimal [...]

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How to Repair Your Window Screen

Part of being a homeowner is knowing when to prioritize. Odds are, there’s always something in your home that could stand to be improved. If not, there’s likely something that need to be repaired. At any given time, you need to make a decision about if you’re going to tackle a project now, or let [...]

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How Should I Clean My Window Screen?

Life can get pretty busy. You might be working, spending time with your significant other, or hanging out with your kids. Since time is both precious and short, it’s not surprising that some things either get forgotten about or simply don’t get done. Then you look at your screen door or window. Maybe you invested [...]

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Choosing the Right Screen Mesh-Part 2

It’s almost embarrassing how many choices we have in our everyday lives. When you’re grocery shopping, you have numerous choices for food. If you’re buying a car, you have numerous brands, makes and models to pick. Even something like the humble replacement window screen has a number of options available for the discerning customer.Yesterday, we [...]

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