What are Genius® Retractable Screen Doors?

Posted by Metro Screenworks on Feb 28th 2022

What are Genius® Retractable Screen Doors?

What are Genius® Retractable Screen Doors?

Have you ever wondered if you could have insect protection when you want it, and move the screen door out-of-sight when you no longer need it? Are there openings that you wish had screen doors but you have decided to just deal with the bugs because the door openings are too big for traditional screen doors? Genius® retractable screen doors make it possible to have the insect protection that you need when you want it and to remove your screen door out-of-sight when you don't.

Retractable Screen Door Basics

Retractable screen doors are engineered to provide insect protection and then retract out of the way. Genius screens – the industry leader for high-quality retractable screen products – offer a few options for retractable screen doors including double screen doors, screen doors for front doors, screens for large openings, retractable screens for sliding screen doors, and more.

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Why Install a Retractable Screen Door?

There are many benefits to choosing a retractable screen door beyond the convenience of it retracting out of the way:

  • Compact and attractive screen door and system
  • Retracts smoothly and at an even pace
  • Screen has insect pile on the bottom to truly keep the bugs out
  • Easy-to-operate
  • Custom options available
  • May last longer than other screen doors because the screen is protected by the cassette
  • Offers screen door solutions for large openings, French doors, front doors, and more

Where To Install a Retractable Screen Door?

A retractable screen door can be installed anywhere you would normally install a screen door such as on the front or back door of your home, or as a part of an enclosed patio. However, due to the ingenuity of Genius screens, you can install a retractable screen door in entrances that have French doors, large openings such as patios, and even garage door openings.

How To Install a Genius Retractable Screen Door?

Genius retractable screen doors are easy-to-install. The easiest of our Genius retractable screen doors to install are called COOL® retractable screen doors. These screen doors come in three standard sizes and can be shipped within 1-2 business days. They are able to be installed within minutes making the COOL retractable screen doors some of the most convenient screens we offer. If, however, you need a custom screen door, we suggest shopping the Milano 100 or Milano 200 which usually ship within seven to 10 business days.

Other Genius Retractable Screen Products

Genius offers screen solutions for windows, porches, as well as larger openings like accordion doors, and garage doors. Genius large opening retractable screens come in both manual and remote powered screens that are made to provide excellent curb appeal and last for years to come with proper use. They even offer a retractable combination screens/windows for screened-in porches. If you are looking for a retractable solution, it is likely Genius.

Start Shopping!

To learn more about Genius retractable screen doors and other retractable screens visit our website. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact the screen experts at Metro Screenworks. We would be happy to help you find the options that you need. To see our products at work in person, stop by our showroom in Denver.