Screen Products to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Screen Products to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Posted by Metro Screenworks on Apr 4th 2022

Spring and summer is the perfect time to enhance your outdoor living spaces. Whether you have a cozy patio, a pool, or even an outdoor kitchen, there are numerous ways to add a little something extra to your outdoor space. Today, on the Metro Screenworks blog, we are going to discuss four products that can help take your outdoor area from “great” to “excellent” — easily.

Genius® Scenix Retractable Screen Windows

Genius Scenix screen porch window systems are truly “genius” as they allow you to enjoy the benefits of screens and windows for your enclosed space. With varied weather conditions and temperatures, often, it is not always possible to enjoy a porch enclosure all year long — sometimes even all season long depending on where you live. However, with these combination screens/windows for screened in porch, you can! Because you can decide how much protection you want at any time, you can enjoy your outdoor space no matter if it's a high of 75 degrees or overcast and raining.

hop the Genius Scenix screen porch window systems — we offer standard and custom sizes. 

Watch this video to learn more!

Roll-Up Solar Shades

Even though most of us desire to enjoy some sunshine when we are outside, when it's too hot outside or the sun is shining in our eyes, the experience becomes less enjoyable. Solar shades can help you and your guests enjoy your time on the patio no matter the time of day with roll-up solar shades. Install them in your porch enclosure, patio area, outdoor kitchen, or pool and decide how much sunshine you want in your space.

We also offer interior roll-up solar shades for residential and commercial use – our customers have installed them in their homes and restaurants! Shop all of our solar screen products. Learn more when you watch this video.

Genius® Retractable Screens

For some outdoor spaces, screens can increase the enjoyment of being outside exponentially. However, if you don’t need or want screens all the time, the screens themselves can become a nuisance. Retractable screens can offer you protection when you want it and then retract out of the way when no longer in use. Retractable bug screens, also sometimes called “roll-up screens,” are perfect for any outdoor space — even your garage! Metro Screenworks offers both motorized and manual retractable patio screens that can provide protection from mosquitoes, flies, and other critters when you’re tinkering on the car or working on a project.

Also, be sure to check out our retractable screen doors – a sleek alternative to sliding screen doors allowing a screen door to be installed anywhere. Shop all of our retractable screen solutions.

Florida Glass

Florida glass screens can provide privacy as well as keep moisture and vegetation out of your pool or patio area. This highly durable, laminated material can be installed anywhere but it is most popularly used around the bottom of pool and patio enclosures. If you’re tired of picking up stray grass clippings or simply want a little more privacy when enjoying your personal pool, Florida glass screen is a must-install for your space.

We offer rolls of Florida screen for your convenience. Shop all sizes and order today!

These are just a few of the many products that Metro Screenworks offers to help amp-up your outdoor living space and make your upcoming summer one to remember. We also provide porch screen systems, porch screen panels, screen rolls of all of our specialty screening materials, and more. Visit our website to learn more about our products and the possibilities for your space and visit our showroom in Denver to see our products in person.

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