96" SCREENEZE- Pack of 5 Cap & Base

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Product Overview

SCREENEZE is a vinyl and aluminum porch screen frame system that is easy-to-install and repair. What’s more this low-profile system provides you unlimited design possibilities allowing you to enclose up to 150 square feet with panels as large as 10 feet by 15 feet! You can install it on the inside or outside of your enclosure for ease of installation and unlimited design possibilities. No spline required — reducing material costs — and its self-tightening for professional-looking taut screen panels. Choose from four cap colors to create a beautiful, long-lasting enclosure. Each kit comes with a 10-year limited warranty. 

SCREENEZE is made to be corner-mounted onto your enclosure structure. You can, however, flush-mount your screen system using SNAPTRACK. We also offer a 10 pack of 8’ long sticks, or 10 pack or 20 pack of 12’ long sticks. 


  • Vinyl and aluminum screen porch system
  • Available in 8' lengths (40 total lineal feet)
  • Low-profile frame for the best view possible
  • No spline needed — simply snap screen into place! 
  • Simple re-screening and repair 
  • Multiple color options - white, sand, bronze, and clay
  • Unlimited possible project designs
  • 10-year limited warranty

Each Kit Includes 

  • 5 SCREENEZE bases
  • 5 SCREENEZE caps
  • Screws

Additional Materials Needed


Suggested Tools For Installation

  • Rubber mallet
  • Small pry bar
  • Utility knife
  • Power drill
  • Tape measure
  • Miter saw

Recommended Screen Mesh

The screen mesh for your screen enclosure project must be bought separately — which allows you to choose the best mesh for your needs and budget. We recommend these mesh types:

For contractors and larger projects, request a bid.

SCREENEZE Installation Instructions: 





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