Super Screen Tiny Mesh 20x17

A rip-resistant screen, SuperScreen is the best porch screening solution to keep you from having to replace your screening due to weather or pet damage while still maintaining a clear view. Super Screen’s vinyl-coated material is puncture- and tear-resistant, while providing great visibility. The true 20/17 mesh means every square inch contains 20 lines of horizontal screen woven with 17 lines of vertical screen, making it almost impossible for even the thinnest debris to get through. Looking for a different mesh count? Browse our inventory of Super Screen 20/20 No-See-Um Tiny Mesh and 17/14 Standard Mesh

  • 126 Inch x 100 Ft Super Screen Tiny Mesh 20 x 17

    126 Inch x 100 Ft Super Screen Tiny Mesh 20 x 17



    Heavy Duty vinyl coated polyester. Used to keep out the tiniest of insects. Designed for extra strength and durability and for large openings to 126" width. Pet resistant. Does not break down from suns heat and UV. Does not become brittle as with...

17x20 Super Screen: The Ultimate Pool & Patio Screen

Hoping to take screen maintenance off your yearly to-do list? Our 17x20 Super Screen is so durable, you may never have to rescreen again. This high-strength screening material resists damage from pets, hail, and even UV rays! Standard fiberglass mesh often becomes brittle over time, thus making it prone to tearing. Super Screen is corrosion-resistant, thus extending the life of your window screen!

17/20 Super Screen Specs

•Mesh count: 17x20 
•Material: Vinyl-coated polyester
•GreenGuard Gold Certified
•Available in widths up to 120”
•Available in lengths up to 100ft

Benefits of Super Screen

Super Durable Screen Mesh

Super Screen’s vinyl-coated material cuts down on rescreening or repairing your window screens or sliding screen doors. It’s puncture- and tear-resistant, so you may never have to re-screen again!
Tiny Insect Protection

If you live in a coastal area or any other place prone to sand flies, gnats, noseeums, or other tiny insects, 17x20 Super Screen is the perfect solution to keeping them out while enjoying the view. 
Great Visibility

Specificaly designed for pool enclosures and screened-in porches, our 17/20 Super Screen offers maximum protection and durability without sacrificing the view. 
Pet-Resistant Screen

Due to its durability and tear resistance, Super Screen is effective as pet screening. Use it in catios or other areas of your home frequently trafficked by pets.

Applications for 17x20 Super Screen

•Pool Enclosure Screening
•Screened-in Patio Mesh
•High-Strength Window Screen
•Sliding Screen Door Mesh

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