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Feb 12th 2019

How to Build the Purrrfect Catio: ​And Why Your Cat Needs Their Own Outdoor Oasis

Cat laying on the grass and the title "how to build the purrrfect catio"

How to Build the Purrrfect Catio: 

And Why Your Cat Needs Their Own Outdoor Oasis

Welcome back to the Metro Screenworks blog! Today, we are very excited to talk about one of the latest (and in our opinion) greatest trends to hit patios around the country — the catio!

Stay tuned to learn all that you need to know about building the purrrfect catio and be sure to Shop Metro Screenworks! We offer high-quality screening materials that are much stronger than regular screen, and so, it can withstand the paws, claws, and teeth of our pets:

  • pet screen - seven-times stronger than regular screen, made specifically for pets or super screen
  • super screen - three times stronger that is recommended for screened in porches and handling weather elements such as hail.

What is a Catio?

A catio is an outdoor enclosure made specifically for your cat! It can be a simple cat-only window box or even as big as a screened in porch. The options are endless! A catio is constructed to provide your fur baby a safe, relaxing space to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

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Does My Cat Need a Catio?

Catios can be a great option for cats who suffer from stress or stress-related illnesses, and even those chubbier fur babies that could use some extra exercise. If your kitty loves going outside, but you’re not so sure about letting them roam, a catio can be the perfect compromise.

What Does A Catio look Like?

Just like our fur babies, catios come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. A catio can be as simple as a screened-in window box that allows your kitty to lay in the sun and get some fresh air. However, a catio can be as big as a small screened in porch. It all depends on the space you have, your cat’s habits, and your budget. A large catio can allow plenty of space for your kitty to play all day or for you to have a place to lounge and get some fresh air with your cat. Less active and older cats may only need a small screened-in window box and younger, more active cats may benefit from a larger space.

How Do I Build a Catio?

As you may imagine, the design of your catio will determine how you build it. However, each catio requires the basics: framing materials, screen, and hardware. Some catios use chicken wire, but screen can be a better option to protect yourself and your kitty from bug pests such as mosquitoes and others that can make their catio less comfortable. To screen in your catio, we suggest:

  • Pet screen - heavy-duty screen, manufactured with the wear and tear that our furry friends put on screens, and is seven-times stronger than traditional screen.
  • Super screen - less heavy-duty than pet screen, but can still withstand hails and other wear and tear encountered outside.

If you’re ready to start building your catio, shop Metro Screenworks for pet screen and super screen rolls! We would love to help you build the outdoor oasis your cat deserves.