Featured Product: Rolls of Screen

Posted by Metro Screenworks on Apr 1st 2022

Featured Product: Rolls of Screen

Featured Product: Rolls of Screen

Metro Screenworks offers many pre-assembled products to choose from. However, we also offer many of the parts you may need to complete your project – including rolls of screen. Today, on the Metro Screenworks blog, we are featuring our bulk window screen material offerings and other supporting products.

What Is a Window Screen Roll?

Window screen before it is installed within a window screen frame or screen door comes in a wound-up roll. To create a window screen, the right width of roll must be selected then the needed length will be cut from the roll. Screen rolls could be likened to bolts of fabric that you might find at your local hobby store but, unlike bolts of fabric that are measured in yards, screen rolls are measured in inches and feet.

We offer screen rolls in many widths and lengths to accommodate a variety of projects.

Window Screen Rolls We Offer

In addition to multiple sizes of rolls, we offer a wide range of window screen types. The window screen mesh rolls we offer include:

Super Screen

3x stronger than fiberglass with a 10 year warranty, and is pet- and weather-resistant. Can be installed anywhere but many people install it in their screen doors and screen enclosures.

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UltraVue (Invisible Screen)

Provides the best outward visibility to enjoy your view. This charcoal-colored window screen is sometimes called “invisible window screen” because it provides the most visibility of any screen material. Best used in window screens – especially picture windows.

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BetterVue (Invisible Insect Screen)

Like UltraVue, BetterVue offers improved visibility. It, however, provides less visibility than UltraVue – but more strength. Best used for screen doors or porch enclosure panels.

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Stainless Steel Screen

This screen provides ultimate durability and strength – this is the same material we use to make our security screens. It can be installed anywhere you need the most strength and longevity – like screen doors or windows facing a golf course.

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Pet-Resistant Screen

Also known as pet screen, this mesh is 7 times stronger than fiberglass and is made to take the wear of pets on our screens. It provides less visibility than other screens so it is best used in screen doors, catios, and other screen enclosures.

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Pool & Patio Screen

This is a fiberglass screen made for use in pool and patio enclosures. Get the most economy for screen enclosure projects.

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Aluminum Window Screen

This screen provides more longevity than fiberglass screen. However, it can dent if exposed to paws and claws: if you have pets, it may not be the best choice for your screen door. Best for window screens and screen doors.

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Copper Screen

We offer two types of copper screen: pure copper and BriteBronze. Pure copper is best for Faraday cages and other technical projects. We suggest BriteBronze for use in window screens and screen doors to compliment copper architectural elements or for use in vintage homes.

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Solar Screen

Get solar protection to prevent sun damage, glare, and increase energy efficiency in your home. We offer screen mesh that comes in strengths of 65% to 95%. Install in window screens, screen doors, or porch enclosures.

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AllergyGuard is window filter screen that helps those people who suffer from allergies open their windows once again as pollen spores can not penetrate the screen, so they never reach your home. Pollution, dust, bacteria, and other particles are also kept at bay. Outward visibility is reduced so we suggest installing this mesh anywhere you don’t mind seeing less of your view.

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Pollen Screen

This screen is like AllergyGuard but offers less benefits as it only provides protection against pollen and dust – it is the economy option. It can obscure your view so install it where your view isn’t a concern.

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No-See-Um Screen

No-see-um screen keeps out no-see-ums, sandflies, gnats, and other small bugs that can easily crawl through regular window screens. Install this type of screen anywhere you need protection from these mini pests.

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Florida Screen

This is a laminated screen that is used in pool enclosures to keep grass clippings and other particles out of your pool area. It is usually installed on the bottom of enclosures and also provides some privacy.

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Screen Door Saver Screen

This mesh is a striped screen that alerts those who are prone to running into screen doors that there is a door in front of them. Install in screen doors to reduce bloody noses as well as screen door maintenance and replacement – also called Doorway Alert Screen.

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Fiberglass Window Screen

We also offer standard fiberglass window screen in bulk rolls. We provide a few color options but suggest charcoal fiberglass screen to enjoy the best visibility.

Pro Tip: Black screen – no matter the type – provides the most visibility of all the screen color options.

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And More

Shop our full selection of screen rolls to see all of our offerings. If you don’t see what you need, contact us and we will see how we can help you. You can also request a sample to see any of our screen types before you buy.

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Uses For Bulk Window Screen Material

Most of our customers buy bulk screen rolls for large scale projects such as rescreening all the window screens in their home or a porch screen enclosure project. Others buy it for on-going projects such as if they have their own screen repair business or are a building manager. However, there are many other uses! If you’d prefer to buy a premade window screen or sliding screen door, we offer those, too!

What Size Rolls Does Screen Come In?

It depends on the screen roll material and, of course, what we have in stock. Many of our screen rolls come in widths of 24 inches and up to 126 inches, and in lengths of 25 to 100 feet in length.

What Else Will I Need For My Screening Project?

In addition to window screen rolls, we also offer all the other materials, hardware, and tools for your project.

Window Screen Frame & Hardware

If you are looking to do window screen repair or need replacement parts, we offer screen frame as well as all the various types of hardware you need to install a window screen.

To complete most window screen, screen door, or porch enclosure projects, you will need spline. Spline is the rubber material that holds the screen in place and is rolled into a groove after you’ve placed the screen mesh. We offer a variety of rolls of spline.

Screen Door Replacement Parts

We also offer screen door repair parts including handles, corners, and rollers. Additionally, we also provide screen door track for a full repair or replacement of your home’s sliding screen door.

Window Screen Tools

We offer everything from basic screen installation tools like a retractable knife and screen roller tool, to a screen table, screen jig set, and screen tower for your table, and more. Shop our tools to get everything you need for your screening project.

Shop all of our products conveniently online. Request samples of our products or visit our showroom to see our offerings in person and receive samples. Contact us anytime with your questions – we look forward to helping you with your project.