BMT VirusGuard™

VirusGuard Advanced Grade 9004  & Standard Grade 9002 Reusable Mask Fabric on Rolls | Engineered with NanoScreen™ Technology
•High strength washable PPE mask filtration fabric constructions that deliver superior durability and maximum usable life while reducing risk of infection
•Packed on rolls for production of finished REUSABLE & WASHABLE PPE safety masks
•Standard Grade constructions for general use home & lifestyle / office workplace / industrial workplace / aviation / transportation & maritime
•Excellent breath-ability designed for all-day use delivering active work and lifestyle functional performance
•Designed for PPE masks that are hand-washable with soap & water / durable & reusable. Suitable for extended use with proper care
•Reduces employee & family dependence on non-sustainable / single use / disposable masks and emergency fabric masks that may lack satisfactory protective filtration performance
•A more sustainable and practical functional filtration PPE mask fabric solution / more cost-effective / helps to reduce landfill waste associated with single-use disposable nonwovens fabric masks
•Available in white, black or any white-black exterior and interior fabric face combination
Advanced Grade 9004 Pending ASTM F2100 pending to deliver outstanding VFE Viral and Bacterial Filtration Efficiency an advanced with with an advanced breathability feature for maximum comfort for all-day use for hospital / healthcare / nursing home / emergency medical / academic & educational / government / military / law enforcement & correctional
Though VirusGuard is similar to Allergy Guard in effectiveness and function, it has been manufactured for the sole purpose of keeping viruses, and more specifically, the coronavirus at bay. VirusGuard is offered in three types which can be used for creating masks, partition curtains, and more.

VirusGuard NanoScreen Fabric // Type 9001 Standard Grade
The primary application of VirusGuard Type 9001 is for creating masks. It can be used to create both disposable and reusable masks. VirusGuard can be easily cut, sewn, trimmed, and placed within a disposable or reusable fabric mask. Reusable masks can be worth 30-40 days and can be hand-washed with soap and water. Machine washing is not recommended. This type of material is:
3 layers
70 gsm
Inner nanofiber function core is laminated between 100% polyester fabric
Meets or exceeds ASHRAE 52.1 standards

VirusGuard NanoScreen Fabric // Type 9002 Standard Grade
This type of VirusGuard is also designed for creating masks. However, it is designed for facilities who are looking for rapid mask production ramp-up. This material is five layers thick and can be hand-washed as well, but still should not be machine washed. Masks created from this fabric can also be worth for 30-40 days with proper care. This material is:
5 layers
335 gsm
Type 9001 function core ultrasonically welded between 100% polyester fabric faces
Meets or exceeds ASHRAE 52.1 standards
***Certified with VFE Viral Filtration Efficiency 99.9%. Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) testing is conducted in compliance with ASTM F2101 and is executed under Standard Test Protocol STP0007 Rev 16. Testing is performed in compliance with US FDA good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations 21 CFR Parts 210, 211, and 820. Type 9004 is our highest performing Viral Filtration Efficiency mask fabric designed to meet the most rigid ASTM VFE compliance standards.Standard Grade BMT filtration fabrics are engineered for maximum breathability & comfort for all-day use for people on the move. Engineered with a patented filtration core designed to defend against respiratory airborne droplets defined as high risk in the range of 5,000-10,000 nanometers by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). ASTM 2100 is pending.