Standard Grade BMT VirusGuard™ NanoMask Material

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Product Overview

BMT VirusGuard™ NanoMask Fabric   Type 9002 Standard Grade 

  •  Made with BMT NanoScreen™ Technology
  •  Roll-ready for cut / sew / trim to produce finished durable REUSABLE safety masks
  •  Designed for clients who have cut & fabrication equipment seeking rapid mask production ramp-up
  •  5-layer / 335 gsm / Ultrasonically welded & durable 100% polyester exterior fabric
  •  Suitable for sonic welding / heat molding and print sublimation up to 250 degrees F
  •  When covered with most fabrics, finished mask is hand-washable with mild soap & warm water / hand rinse / air dry / no machine washing or drying / do not squeeze or scrub
  •  Finished mask can be used for 30-40 days with proper care
  •  Example SKU photo of Type 9002 5-layer fabric in a reusable mask application below
  •  Color = White/White for fastest delivery / White/Black combos also available +5-7 days
  •  Recommended for fastest ramp-up of cut / assemble / pack & ship operations




Even properly fitting masks and technical filtration fabrics do not eliminate the risk of illness or death. BMT VirusGuard Standard Grade NanoScreen™ filtration fabrics have been laboratory- certified to meet or exceed ASHRAE 52.1 test standards and to block airborne particles in a range of 20-800 nanometers. It is always the responsibility of the end user of BMT VirusGuard filtration fabric products to conduct their own testing and certification to ensure compliance with federal, state and local safety requirements depending on the specific use of their final manufactured products. 

Type 9002 5-Layer Flex-Fabric Construction Made with Type 9001 3-Layer NanoScreen™ Functional Core at Center  


BMT VirusGuard NanoScreen™   Fabric Type 9001 Standard Grade 

  • Dual-application critical core NanoScreen™ filtration fabric for multiple applications:

  • Application 1 = DISPOSABLE MASKS / Roll-ready for direct fabrication

  • Application 2 = REUSABLE MASKS / Used as the critical functional core filtration element that can be inserted into any fabric mask to produce a highly functional, durable reusable mask

  • 3-layer / 70 gsm / NanoScreen™ functional core laminated between 100% polyester fabric

  • Suitable for sonic welding / heat molding and print sublimation up to 250 degrees F

  • When covered with most fabrics, finished mask is hand-washable with mild soap & warm water / hand rinse / air dry / no machine washing or drying / do not squeeze or scrub

  • Finished mask or removable Type 9001 filter can be used for 30-40 days with proper care

  • Standard color = White for fastest lead time / Also available in Black 

 BMT VirusGuard Safety Barrier Screen (Allergy Guard) Type 9003 Standard Grade 

  • Made with BMT NanoScreen™ Technology
  • A heavy-duty / highly durable / puncture resistant NanoScreen™ product designed for window / door / industrial / institutional / retail & hospitality protection curtains and space separators
  • Presents the appearance of a shaded window screen / see-through / talk-through / partial privacy
  • 3-layer / 160 gsm / Inner NanoScreen™ functional core laminated between heavy-duty exterior screen face fabrics - Delivers extremely high puncture resistance of 487 Newtons
  • More than 4 times stronger than conventional stainless-steel window screen (114 Newtons)
  • Packed on rolls for rapid delivery to any field operation for rapid response cut & mount
  • Hung over cubicles or open floorplan workspaces and industrial production line spaces to reduce spread of allergens and most airborne droplets that can transport a wide range of virus matter
  • Designed to segment work groups in a grid pattern to control movement of airborne droplets
  • Can be hung from overhead across the center of conference room or office / workspace to segregate space into 2 or more see-through / talk-through safety zones
  • Multiple shipboard maritime applications to segregate work areas while permitting air flow
  • Example: Open workspace = 200 feet x 200 feet; BMT Type 9003 rolls can be field- assembled to required height and mounted in 200-foot assembled lengths to divide the full length of a workspace.
  • Client work teams can cut to size and hang or drape. - BMT can also ship pre-cut & assembled rolls of any length per client specification - Screen segments can be hung or mounted by work teams using heavy-duty duct tape / Gorilla tape / or other improvised field attachment means / doorway entry flaps cut using a box knife
  • BMT VirusGuard Safety Barrier Screen protects each workspace team against the spread of airborne droplets from other workspace teams. - Each workspace grid can be numbered & managed to reduce cross-contamination.
  • If any member of a workspace grid team shows symptoms of infection, the entire grid team can be easily identified and quarantined while the other grid teams remain protected, operational & effective
  • BMT can supply pre-assembled custom large / extra-large / jumbo / mega size finished safety barrier curtains in any dimensions per buyer specification / example 300’ x 30’ gymnasium safety barrier curtain dividers and many other uses.