BMT VirusGuard™ Filtration Fabric Mask Insert

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BMT VirusGuard™ NanoScreen™ Fabric Type 9001 Standard Grade

Used as the critical functional core filtration element that can be inserted into any fabric mask to produce a highly functional, durable reusable mask - 3-layer / 70 gsm / NanoScreen™ functional core laminated between 100% polyester fabric - Suitable for sonic welding / heat molding and print sublimation up to 250 degrees F - When covered with most fabrics, finished mask is hand-washable with mild soap & warm water / hand rinse / air dry / no machine washing or drying / do not squeeze or scrub - Finished mask or removable Type 9001 filter can be used for 30-40 days with proper care. Available in a 3-Layer filtration insert mesh and a 5-Layer final fabric ready to convert into reusable, washable safety.

NanoScreen™ uses nanotechnology to block or restrict a wide range of airborne droplets carrying virus and bacteria as well as pollen, allergens, fly ash, agricultural & coal dust.

  • Excellent filtration efficiency engineered to block microscopic airborne particles in a nanofiltration mesh range of 20-800 nanometers (0.02 – 0.8 microns).
  • Transforms fabric safety masks into performance lifestyle-masks that deliver the right balance of safety and breathability for people on the move.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19 is known to spread via touching or airborne droplets that are produced during sneezing or coughing by an infected individual
  • In general terms, the critical element that must be blocked is the AIRBORNE DROPLET that carries a virus. It is the size of the droplet in the air that is critical to block.
  • The purpose of functional mask filtration fabrics is to stop the airborne droplet from passing through the respirator mask and entering the body through the mouth and nose 

Airborne droplets containing a wide range of viruses are very large and cannot pass through our BMT VirusGuard NanoScreen