Energy Efficient Upgrades: Screen Edition

Energy Efficient Upgrades: Screen Edition

Posted by Metro Screenworks on May 3rd 2022

One of the easiest ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency is to run your air conditioner less and open your windows and doors for fresh air more often. With this in mind, replacing or installing new window screens in your home is essentially an energy efficient upgrade – that is also incredibly easy. However, there are screen products that are designed to offer you more energy efficiency benefits and today on our blog, we are going to highlight those.

Solar Screens

Solar screens could be categorized as any screen product that provides solar protection. Solar screens can provide 65% and up to 95% sun protection depending on the strength of screen you order, and can ultimately keep your home cooler, reduce sun glare, and even offer no-see-um protection depending on the solar strength.

Benefits of Solar Screens

  • Available in 65%-95% sun protection
  • Offers day-time privacy
  • Can increase energy efficiency of home
  • Reduces glare
  • Can create a barrier during colder months (increasing energy-efficiency)
  • Provides excellent visibility
  • Mildew- and fade-resistant
  • Pet- and flame-resistant
  • 10 year warranty

Solar Screen Products

We offer everything from traditional window screens (fixed panel window screens) with solar screen installed within them to products that can be installed in your outdoor living spaces.

Solar Screen Window Screens

These premade window screens are shipped fully assembled to you with solar screen installed within them. We make them completely custom (size, screen type, frame color, and hardware) and ship them to you ready to pop into your window opening. Some of our customers choose to install them in just the sunniest parts of their home (such as east- or west-facing windows) and others who live in the sunniest parts of the U.S. like Phoenix, may install them in every window of their home.

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Solar Screen Screen Doors

We also offer energy-efficient screen doors fully assembled and ready-to-install on your patio door. Having a sliding screen door with solar screen is just one more way to reduce the amount of heat, sun glare, and damaging effects of the sun on your home. We offer solar protection of 80%-90% which can also provide more durability against weather elements and some pet wear. We offer three models to provide you the most value for your budget.

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Solar Screen Rolls

We also bulk rolls of solar screen in 65%-90% in various colors, lengths, and widths. Our screen rolls are perfect for the DIY project that can be completed with a pre-assembled product or if you want to keep your current screen frames but simply replace the mesh. It is also a preferred choice for contractors.

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Roll-Up Solar Shades

We offer roll-up solar shades for both home and business use – can be custom-made or stock sizes are available as well. Our roll-up solar shades can help to reduce heat and glare during the sunniest and hottest parts of the day to increase energy efficiency and comfort. We offer shades that can be operated by pull chains, hand cranks, and remotes! We offer interior solar shades and exterior solar shades so you are protected no matter where you are spending your time.

Roll-Up Solar Shade Benefits

  • For indoor or outdoor usage
  • Reduces glare on TV, computer screen, and from cars
  • Increases energy-efficiency all year round
  • Variety of materials and colors available
  • Economic and stock sizes available for best value!

Shop all of our standard and custom size roll-up solar shades online and contact us for a quote for large orders.

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Elite Sun Shade

Our Elite Sun Shade combines the benefits of retractable patio screens with solar screens. This screen can be installed in large openings such as a patio or garage door. What makes our sun shade different is the quality of design as well as the customization options. The Elite is available in custom sizes and is made to withstand breezy weather that would cause blowouts with competing products. The Elite is available in pull chain, crank, and remote-control options.

Benefits of the Elite Sun Shade

  • Save up to 25%-49% on cooling costs
  • Protect your home or business from sun damage
  • Minimize glare
  • Add more comfort to outdoor living spaces
  • Add value to your home
  • Enjoy insect protection with customizable, elegant, and heavy-duty designs

Shop the Elite Sun Shade to learn about the possibilities for your outdoor living spaces this summer.

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Energy Efficient Upgrades For Every Budget

Ideally, we would all love the most energy efficient homes with all the latest upgrades. However, some upgrades can be quite pricey. Our screen options can accommodate any budget especially with our financing options through Affirm. Installing solar screens, roll-up solar shades, or the Elite sun shade can be the start of creating a more energy efficient home or be the final touch to making all other upgrades work for you.

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