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13" x 18 to 32 3/4" Adjustable Window Screen

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Product Overview

This small adjustable window screen comes completely assembled, so all you need to do to use it is place it in the window opening and adjust the width or height (if placed vertically within a sliding window). Install in seconds without the need for tools or fasteners. It can be used in wood, metal, or vinyl single or double hung windows, as well as sliding windows. The screen has a 5/16 inch (7.9 millimeter) white or silver frame with square cut corners, fiberglass screen mesh, and black retainer spline.

This small adjustable screen has a width adjustment of approximately 18 to 32-3/4 inches. 


  • Provides temporary insect protection
  • For single or double hung, or sliding windows
  • Use vertically or horizontally
  • Allows vintage architecture to be undisturbed 
  • Glides smoothly – doesn’t jam
  • Available with white or silver frame
  • Comes assembled, ready-to-use
  • Custom options available

Pro Tip: A screw can be installed by the screen owner through both panels to permanently keep the screen a particular size.


Learn more about adjustable screens and how they can allow you to have fresh air – without insect pests. Have questions? Contact us! You can also visit our showroom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado to see our products in person or for free order pick-up – we ship nationally, too!

Where to Buy Adjustable Window Screens?

From Metro Screenworks! Why buy from us? We offer adjustable screens that won’t jam and are available in several sizes. Additionally, we provide custom options as well. With every order, you can expect excellent customer service, custom packaging to protect your order during shipping, and a product that is made to last. 

Are Adjustable Window Screens Pet Safe?

No. These screens will keep your pet safe from mosquitos and other insect pests that can cause heartworm and other sickness. However, they are not made to be leaned against and the fiberglass will tear from repeated clawing. For more durable mesh, shop our custom adjustable screens and choose super screen.

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