Wicket Door for Screens

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Product Overview

Screen Wicket Doors

A screen wicket is a hinged door that allows seamless access to window operators or crank mechanisms - making them an ideal feature for exterior opening casement or awning windows. Our screen wickets feature a snap-type latch for secure closure, ensuring effective insect protection and ease of use.

Screen Wicket Specifications

  • Finish/Color: Bronze, Black, Grey, White

  • Frame Type: Plastic

  • Height: 6-1/8" (155 mm)
  • Screen Mesh: No
  • Weight Capacity: Not Rated
  • Width: 10-1/8" (257 mm)

Wicket Applications

Screen wicket doors are specifically designed to enhance the functionality of casement or awning windows, allowing for convenient access to window mechanisms while maintaining effective insect shielding. Their versatile design makes them suitable for both residential and commercial settings, providing a practical solution for various window configurations.

Benefits of Screen Wicket Doors

  • Convenient Access: Facilitates easy operation of window operators or crank mechanisms without the need for complicated maneuvers.
  • Effective Insect Protection: Equipped with a snap-type latch for secure closure, ensuring that insects stay out while allowing fresh air to flow through.
  • Customizable Screen Integration: Install your preferred screen wire into the wicket to seamlessly match the rest of your window screen, achieving a cohesive and uniform appearance.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality plastic, these wickets are built to withstand daily use and ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Easy Installation: Can be easily installed along any 10" (254 mm) minimum width section of the screen frame, providing hassle-free integration into your existing window setup.