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NanoScreen™ Filtration Technology

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“Engineered with NanoScreen™ Filtration Technology”

The NanoScreen™ Filtration Technology is offered in basically 2 options.  One is in our Allergy Guard Window Shield & the other is in our Virus Guard Fabric.

Allergy Guard is used in window, porches, doors & barriers, while Virus Guard is used principally in PPE masks to filter out virus and bacteria.

BMT NanoScreen™ Advanced Grade Receives ASTM F2101 Qualification with Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) & Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 99.9%

  • Advanced Grade ASTM F2101 Certified VFE Viral Filtration Efficiency 99.9%
  • Construction = Advanced Grade NanoScreen™ functional filtration core bonded between 2 exterior fabric layers of durable 100% polyester / ready for final mask fabrication
  • Fabric Weight = 220 gsm Roll Width = 59” Roll Length = 50 meters = 164 Linear Feet Roll Weight = 16.5 kg = 36.3 lbs. Color = Inside White / Outside White


NanoScreen™ Filtration Technology can be used to defend and mitigate against a wide range of airborne particles that can carry many viruses including COVID-19.

 NanoScreen™ can be used in many applications including:

  • Allergy Guard for WINDOW AND SLIDING SCREEN DOORS - filters pollen and air pollution
  • Virus Guard for FACE MASKS- filter virus, pollen and more
  • Allergy Guard for ADJUSTABLE WINDOW SCREENS - stock sizes or custom, slides to open or adjust to opening sizes
  • Allergy Guard for OFFICE PARTITIONS - protect against spreading virus at work 
  • Allergy Guard for AIR AND HEATING VENTS-  add  another layer of filtration in every room
  • Blocks or restricts a wide range pollen, allergens, fly ash, agricultural & coal dust, bacteria, and droplets carrying a range of virus particles. 

 Allergy Guard is an Excellent Choice For:

  • Homeowners & Condominium Owners
  • Real Estate Developers & Builders
  • Construction Companies
  • Hotel & Hospitality Operations
  • Government Agencies
  • Allergy, Health & Wellness Institutions
  • Architecture & Interior Design Firms
  • Enclosed Greenhouse, Botanical & Sustainable Agriculture Operations
  • Stables, Barns & Equestrian Facilities where Animal Allergy Defense is Required


  • 3-layer / 160 gsm / NanoScreen™ functional core between heavy-duty exterior screen faces
  • Extremely high puncture resistance of 487 Newtons
  • More than 4 times stronger than conventional stainless-steel window screen
  • Packed on 34 lb / 59” Width easy to handle rolls for rapid delivery to any location for cut & mount
  • In addition to mounting in traditional window & door frames, can be hung in work spaces and industrial spaces where protection from unwanted airborne particles is required
  • Field mounting permits Allergy Guard to be hung or mounted by employee work teams using heavy-duty duct tape / Gorilla tape / or other improvised field attachment means / doorway entry flaps can be cut using a box knife
  • Supports our environment and energy efficiency by reducing costly electricity consumption.  Needless air conditioning expense can be eliminated for a significant portion of the year
  • Engineered with BMT NanoScreen™ Technology




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Virus Guard

BMT VirusGuard Reusable Mask Fabric on Rolls

  • High strength washable PPE mask filtration fabric constructions that deliver superior durability and maximum usable life while reducing risk of infection
  • Engineered with BMT NanoScreen™ Technology
  • Packed on rolls for production of finished REUSABLE & WASHABLE PPE safety masks
  • Standard Grade constructions for general use home & lifestyle / office workplace / industrial workplace / aviation / transportation & maritime
  • Excellent breathability designed for all-day use delivering active work and lifestyle functional performance
  • Advanced Grade ASTM F2101 VFE Viral Filtration Efficiency 99.9% for hospital / healthcare / nursing home / emergency medical / academic & educational / government / military / law enforcement & correctional
  • Suitable for sonic welding / heat molding and print sublimation up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Designed for PPE masks that are hand-washable with soap & water / durable & reusable. Suitable for extended use with proper care
  • Reduces employee & family dependence on non-sustainable / single use / disposable masks and emergency fabric masks that may lack satisfactory protective filtration performance
  • A more sustainable and practical functional filtration PPE mask fabric solution / more cost-effective / helps to reduce landfill waste associated with single-use disposable nonwovens fabric masks
  • Available in white, black or any white-black exterior and interior fabric face combination

Advanced Grade BMT Type 9004 is ASTM F2101 Certified

BMT NanoScreen™ PPE filtration products defend & mitigate against a wide range of airborne droplets that can carry many viruses including COVID-19.


Certified with VFE Viral Filtration Efficiency 99.9%. Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) testing is conducted in compliance with ASTM F2101 and is executed under Standard Test Protocol STP0007 Rev 16. Testing is performed in compliance with US FDA good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations 21 CFR Parts 210, 211, and 820. Type 9004 is our highest performing Viral Filtration Efficiency mask fabric designed to meet the most rigid ASTM VFE compliance standards.

Standard Grade BMT filtration fabrics are engineered for maximum breathability & comfort for all-day use for people on the move. Engineered with a patented filtration core designed to defend against respiratory airborne droplets defined as high risk in the range of 5,000-10,000 nanometers by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). ASTM 2100 is pending.