How to Close Off the Porch for Winter: Acrylic Vs. Glass Vs. Vinyl

How to Close Off the Porch for Winter: Acrylic Vs. Glass Vs. Vinyl

Dec 20th 2021

It's that time of year when it's time to put the swimsuits and short sleeves in storage and pull out the sweaters and warm fuzzy socks. Additionally, it's time to perform winter home maintenance. If you have a porch enclosure, it’s time to winterize it. However, what material is best for keeping your space protected during the cold and wet of winter?

Today, on the Metro Screenworks blog, we’re going to compare some of the most common options for enclosing your porch this winter.

What To Look For In Winter Porch Panels

Before we look at the various types of panel materials, it's important that we understand what to look for and compare when choosing your means of winterization.

  • Curb appeal
  • Durability
  • Your budget
  • Amount of maintenance

Each of these factors should be considered when choosing your winter porch panels.

Acrylic Panels: Low Quality But Cost-Effective

Acrylic panels, also called plexiglass, have often been used as replacements for screen panels during the winter months. Though plexiglass is inexpensive and lighter than glass, it looks less attractive and overtime can deteriorate in the sun, causing it to bow and turn yellow. It can also scratch easily and special cleaning materials have to be bought to avoid unsightly cleaning whorls.

For these reasons, we at Metro Screenworks don’t offer acrylic panel products. We offer two other options which are more durable or more cost-effective.

Tempered Glass Panels: Quality Custom Options

Tempered glass panels are by far the best option for enclosing your porch. Tempered glass is safer than regular glass as it is stronger and, if broken, breaks into pebbles instead of shards. The tempered glass panels we provide are durable in the sun, can be cleaned with regular glass cleaner, and come in stock and custom sizes for a perfect, secure fit in your porch enclosure.

Genius Scenix Retractable Windows: Ultimate Convenience

Additionally, we offer Genius Scenix Porch Windows, a retractable screen porch window system which is made with tempered glass that glides into place to protect you from the cold and wet weather, but can retract out of the way to allow you to enjoy airflow from screens. What’s more, you no longer have to perform seasonal maintenance to de-install screens or glass panels. Learn more about these combination screens/windows for screened in porch.

Vinyl: Cost-Effective & Easy-To-Install

Another option for winterizing your screen enclosure is installing vinyl as part of the Screen Block system. Screen Block is a porch screen system that can be used to install screens and winterizing vinyl without having to remove your screens. The vinyl product we offer is called Winterview and is an insulating vinyl that comes in a roll and is replaced every winter. This product provides some insulating effects and can withstand the elements for the season. 

In ConclusionScenix Porch Windows

We recommend choosing between glass winter porch panels, Scenix screen porch window system, or Screen Block’s Winterview vinyl:

Still have questions? Contact the screen experts at Metro Screenworks! We love helping our customers find the best products for their budget and home improvement projects. Speaking of budget – we provide financing options through Affirm to make long-term investments more affordable for you. Shop our website to learn about the possibilities for your home!