How much are window screens?

Posted by Metro Screenworks on Feb 23rd 2023

How much are window screens?

How much are window screens?

Window Screen Pricing Guide

Window screens are a game-changer in any type of home. They allow you to let fresh, clean, air into your living space while still keeping your home pest-free. Some types of window screen meshes even offer additional benefits, such as solar protection or allergen blocking

If you're looking to update or replace your window screens, you are likely wondering how much it'll cost. Unfortunately, nailing down an exact price is impossible without speaking to a salesperson. Prices for materials, labor, and shipping all change rapidly, and discounts are often available. 

Nevertheless, knowing what goes into window screen pricing can make you a smarter screen shopper. Today, we will try to break down the screen buying process and help you make the right decision for your home and budget. 

How Much is a Screen Replacement?: Window Screen Pricing Factors Man installing a complete window screen onto his home

How much a custom window screen costs comes down to the following factors:

  • Size
  • Mesh materials
  • Labor Costs
  • Hardware

Window Screen Replacement: Size Pricing Guide

As you can imagine, a larger screen will come with a larger price tag, as more material is needed and there may be additional labor involved. Additionally, windows with abnormal shapes can also hike up the price, as you'll have to have a custom screen built. 

That said, Metro Screenworks offers hundreds of sizing options, customizations, and even financing, so you are sure to find something within your budget.

Window Screen Replacement: Mesh Material Pricing Guide

We offer all kinds of screen types, all with their unique benefits. For greater durability, increased visibility, solar protection, and high-security screening material options, you'll need to pay more up front. 

Budget Screen Meshes: If you're worried about breaking the bank and don't need your screens to do much more than keep out insects, your best options would be Fiberglass, Aluminum, or our Doorway Alert screens. You can also look at our specials for great deals on all kinds of window screens! 

Specialty Screen Meshes: These materials are a bit more expensive than our "standard" options, but also come with great benefits:

  • AllergyGuard
  • BetterVue / UltraVue / SeeVue
  • BriteBronze
  • Florida Glass
  • No-See-Um / Tiny Mesh
  • Pet Screen
  • Solar Screen

High-end Screen Meshes: Window screens can be an excellent investment. If it is in your budget, going with one of our premium meshes like Pure Copper or Stainless Steel Security Screen is a fantastic choice for long-lasting protection of your home. 

Window Screen Replacement: Labor Costs

The price for a professional to install your window screens will vary depending on your zip code, the size of the screen, and other factors that may make installation tricky. Still, the labor costs involved in a window screen installation will probably be in the $15 - $50 price range. 

Window Screen Replacement: Hardware Pricing Guide

Depending on your window type, you may need specific hardware to ensure a perfect fit. These additions are typically very inexpensive, making the utility added to your screens well worth the price tag.

Money-Saving Window Screen Tips

Though we firmly believe that installing high-quality window screens is a well-worthy investment, we also understand that money is tight for many of us. After nearly 40 years in the window screening industry, we have picked up our fair share of tips and tricks to help you stretch your screen budget as far as it can go. 

  • Save big with shipping discounts: When you're stocking up on window screens, shipping charges can get out of control quickly. Metro Screenworks offers a variety of shipping discounts year-round, especially on bulk orders. 
  • Talk to our experts: We pride ourselves on putting our customers first. Reaching out to a Metro Screenworks screen expert is the best way to stay up-to-date on limited offers, bulk pricing, and the most cost-effective ways to get your screens. If you have a large project, you can also get a quote free of charge. 
  • Professional vs DIY Window Screen Installation: Take out the cost of labor altogether! Our window screens are designed for easy installation, and our experts are here to answer your questions. 
  • Rescreening vs Replacement: Your window may not need to be replaced entirely. If your screen frames are still in good condition, you can buy just the screen mesh and put it into the frame yourself. 
  • Stock up in the off-season: Most people take on home improvement projects in the spring or summer. This means that planning ahead and buying your screens between November and February can help you save big!
  • Bulk screening: If you live in an area where you have to replace your window screens frequently, consider buying a bulk roll of screen. This will save you time and money in the long run, as you will always have your favorite screen mesh on hand. 
  • Cut your energy costs: While solar screen might come with a larger price tag at checkout, it also comes with some great long-term benefits. Namely, solar screen helps keep your home cool without needing to crank up the A/C. 
  • Finance your purchase: We offer financing options through Affirm, so you can make small, manageable payments toward your purchase when you don't want to pay everything up front. 

Regardless of your budget, we will help you find the perfect screens for your home improvement project. Reach out to one of our screen experts, or stop buy our showroom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado!