Arch System FLATBAR by SCREENEZE® - 8 Ft Sticks

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Product Overview

For porches with arches, half rounds, or other irregular shapes, screening can be a massive pain. Introducing the FLATBAR Porch System by SCREENEZE. The flexible FLATBAR is perfect for installing screen on archways, avoiding scaffolding, or any other tough-to-screen porch design. Spline-free and staple-free, the FLATBAR porch screening system is easy to install and has a seamless appearance when properly configured.

The SCREENEZE FLATBAR system can be used by itself OR with your other SCREENEZE systems!


  • Self-tightening, stretch-free design: The SCREEENEZE FLATBAR system keeps your screen taut at all times, and will automatically tighten itself after an impact. 
  • Obstruction-Free Views: No need to have a post every 3 feet with the SCREENEZE FLATBAR system. Span huge panels up to 150 sqft without losing tension or durability. 
  • Easy To Repair: Get a hole in your screen? Repair your porch screen in minutes. Just pry off the cap, re-install your screen, put the cap back on, and trim any excess fabric. Voila!


  • 1.0625" Aluminum Base
  • 3/8" x 1/2" Vinyl Cap
  • Compatible with multiple screen mesh types
  • Installs on inside or outside of porch structure

Installation Instructions