48 Inch x 100 Ft BetterVue Invisible Screen

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Product Overview

48 Inch x 100 Ft - BetterVue Invisible Screen Mesh Rolls

BetterVue insect screening is designed to allow the best visibility while providing insect protection. Sometimes called "invisible screen," BetterVue is woven from small, black refined yarns that improve the screen’s openness, making visibility sharper and more brilliant: BetterVue appears nearly invisible as it provides better visibility than standard window screen mesh. This window screen could be thought of as “high definition” insect screening and can be used in your window screens, screen doors, and screen enclosures. See the clear and vibrant view, not the screen.


  • A black mesh that offers more optical clarity for a crisper, brighter outward view
  • More natural light and dramatically improves air flow with enhanced openness
  • Practically undetectable from the exterior which enhances the curb appeal of your home or office
  • Water Shed Technology™ hydrophobic coating to help shed water and grime
  • Lower glare and less visible to the eye
  • Durable material for greater life expectancy of window screen
  • Nearly undetectable from the exterior of your home for better curb appeal
  • GREENGUARD certified

*BetterVue is not actually invisible or a clear mesh but appears invisible because of its finely woven construction, and when compared to the visibility that standard fiberglass offers.  


Our full line of BetterVue invisible screen mesh is Greenguard Gold certified and includes the latest Watershed Technology. Other important specs include:

  • Construction: 18x14
  • Diameter: .013"
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Width: 48 inches
  • Length: 100 feet
  • Green Guard Certified
  • Watershed Technology

 Available in several screen roll sizes up to 108" wide. Shop all roll sizes of BetterVue bulk window screen material here. Contractors, request a bid here.




Want to know more about BetterVue, our screen rolls, or any other of Metro Screenworks products? Contact us. We would love to help you find the products you need to make your project a success. You can request a BetterVue sample and visit our showroom in Denver to see our products before you buy – and for free order pick-up, though we do ship nationally for your convenience.

What Is the Mesh Size of Window Screen?

Most standard mesh is 18 by 16. However, some pool and patio enclosure mesh is 18 by 14. Tiny mesh, designed to keep out no-see-ums is 20 x 20. The more strands there are in an inch of screen the smaller the holes of the mesh will be. Some solar screens have even more strands enabling it to offer UV protection.

How Wide is Screen For a Porch?

It depends. The best way to determine how wide of a screen roll you need is to measure the porch panels that the screen will go in and buy a screen roll wider than that dimension. You can also consult the instructions of the porch screening system you are using to enclose your porch. Remember to always buy a little extra window screen material just in case you make a mistake. 

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