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Sep 19th 2018

“How Do I Repair My Window Screen?”

"How do I repair my window screen?"

“How Do I Repair My Window Screen?”

Hello and welcome back to the Metro Screenworks blog! We are your

online screen store, based in Denver, Colorado. We have been serving the country at large with high-quality replacement window screens, custom window screens, screen doors, and more! We offer screen solutions to serve your needs, and needs didn’t know you had. We understand how valuable window screens are to the comfort of our home and so are answering one of our most asked questions: “How do I repair my window screen?”

For Minor Holes & Tears

Certain types of window screen materials tend to be more prone to damage than others and occasionally small holes or tears can happen. These can often be easy to fix:

  • Simply use tweezers and twist the remaining strands together. To seal your work, utilize a small dab of super glue. Be careful not to super glue your tweezers!
  • Fishing line can also be an effective alternative. Simply use fishing line to stitch the torn ends together and tie a knot. Be careful not to pull too hard and cause your screen to buckle or create a bigger tear.

Medium Tears & Damage

A medium tear is considered a rip that is longer than an inch. In this case, creating a patch can be an effective way of repairing the damage and salvaging your screen:

  • Remove the torn section by cutting a square section around the tear.
  • Using replacement screen material cut the screen to a slightly larger size than the square of screen you removed.
  • Once you have created the patch, unravel the ends of the patch. Interweave these unravelled strands with the strands of the screen you are repairing.
  • Use super glue or a similarly rated glue to secure the patch. Once the glue is dried, your screen will be fixed!

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Large Holes & Destruction

If your screen has a tear or hole bigger than an inch or there is massive damage throughout your window screen, it may be time to invest in a replacement window screen or to rescreen the frame of your original window screen. If you choose to rescreen the window screen frame, you will need: window screen material that is cut slightly larger than your frame, a screwdriver, spline, and a spline roller.

  • Use the screwdriver to pry the old screen and spline out of your window screen frame
  • Set the screen material in the frame and use the spline and spline roller to secure the screen in the frame. You will want to start at one of the top corners.
  • Once you’ve secured the screen of the entire window, cut off the excess screen.
  • Install the window screen in the window frame.

Need to Replace Your Screen Or Need a Replacement Window Screen?

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