Fall & Winter Screening Products Are Here!

Posted by Metro Screenworks on Nov 28th 2023

Fall & Winter Screening Products Are Here!

At Metro Screenworks, we believe in making your home your sanctuary. While window screens are our bread and butter, we seek to offer a range of products to keep your home comfortable year-round. Between the holidays, school breaks, and seeking shelter from the cold, we spend more time inside our home during the fall and winter seasons than we do any other time of year.

We are proud to introduce our line of fall and winter products, which are designed to insulate your home to reduce heating costs as well as to let you get more use out of your outdoor spaces.

Clear Vinyl

Sunroom insulated with clear vinyl

Clear Vinyl is the most versatile material available for winterizing your home. Not only can it provide some much-needed insulation to your windows, but it can be used to construct greenhouses, Jeep or boat windows, and so much more. At Metro Screenworks, we’re partial to the ways that clear vinyl can be used around your home.

Our clear vinyl can be fitted into standard window screen frames to provide increased window insulation and keep out the cold, wind, or snow without sacrificing visibility.

Try all three of our Clear Vinyl options!

Clear Vinyl Porch Panels

One of our favorite uses for clear vinyl is for building 3- or 4-season sunrooms! We install clear vinyl material into our porch panel frames for excellent patio insulation so you can enjoy your porch, patio, or lanai year-round. When spring has sprung, simply pop out the clear vinyl panel and pop your screens back in! 

These clear vinyl porch panels have unparalleled visibility, insect protection, and insulation qualities. Partially or fully enclose your porch or patio enclosure with clear vinyl porch panels!

Motorized Retractable Screens - Vinyl

Our motorized retractable screens by Genius are perfect for on-demand protection from bugs, debris, and even the cold! This vinyl option of Genius motorized retractable screens can provide insulation at the press of a button. The vinyl extends down when you need it, and tucks neatly away when you don’t!

Shop our fully customizable Motorized Retractable Vinyl Screens!

Screen Block

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to winterize your porch each year, try our Screen Block porch screening system! It’s a versatile screening system that features two separate channels- one to hold your screen, and the other to hold a clear PVC film. Screen Block is easy to install when you notice the first winter chill and slips right out when it's time for spring chores.

Screen Block is very low-profile, easy to use porch screening system - making it perfect for beginner DIY-ers and professional contractors alike.

Shop Screen Block!

Tempered Glass Panels

If you live in an area with severe winters or if you want to be able to use your porch year-round, vinyl just might not cut it. Installing tempered glass panels to your porch or patio enclosure is an excellent way to insulate your space so you can enjoy it even in the lowest temperatures.

Even more, tempered glass is significantly more durable than regular glass. When it does break, it breaks into small, ovular pebbles rather than shards of dangerously sharp glass. We offer stock and custom sizing, so you're sure to find the perfect panel for your porch enclosure. 

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Storm Windows

Are you looking to add more insulation or winter storm protection to your existing windows? Our line of Storm Windows are installed right over your existing windows to insulate your home and provide excellent protection against blizzard conditions such as heavy snow, high winds, and potential debris exposure. 

Our storm windows are fully customizable, allowing you to choose your screen mesh, frame color, sizing, style, and more. Installing storm windows is a less costly alternative to window replacement and can revitalize historic homes without sacrificing the classic aesthetic. 

Shop our full line of Storm Windows!

Don't wait until spring to fully enjoy your space. Keep heating costs low and merriment high this winter with fall & winter screening products from Metro Screenworks.