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Roll Up Solar Shades

Roll Up Solar Shades That Keep Out the Sun's Heat and Glare

Solar shades provide shade from the sun's direct heat and glare, making your home comfortable, energy efficient and leaving more money in your pocket.  Tired of dealing with glare on your TV or computer screen? Install our custom solar shades and screen systems to significantly reduces the sun’s glare. We have both interior and exterior roll up solar shades.They allow a good view to the outside, while at the same time providing daytime privacy. Save money by purchasing one of our stock sizes, which will include a valance and tie down.  We also have our own Metro Solar Shades that can adjust to fit any opening and are available in a variety of colors.

Our solar shades can be found in businesses such Starbucks, Noodles, Dunkin Donuts and many other coffee shops as well as Universities! Orders yours now!

Watch our videos to learn about our custom and stock size sun and heat blocking solar shades. Order online on this page below, or call and place an order today!

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Not sure what size of custom screen or solar shade you need? Read more about measuring for your custom screen or replacement window screen frame here!

For all other questions about your custom screens, check out our FAQ page or Contact us! Want more ideas for your custom screens or solar shades? Read our blog!