PURE Copper Screen Wire

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Product Overview

Our Pure Copper Screen is an elegant and durable choice for window and porch screening – and so much more! Made from 99.99% Pure Copper, this mesh's unique properties qualities make it perfectly suited to a variety of specialty uses from RFI / EMI shielding, faraday cages, gardening, grilling, and more! Copper screen mesh cuts easily with scissors. These are the specifications for the Pure Copper Screen Mesh:

  • 99.999% copper
  • 16 x 16 mesh
  • .011 wire diameter

Pure Copper Screen Mesh Applications

Screen For Faraday Cages and RFI Shielding

screen-shot-2024-01-24-at-10.17.58-am.pngProtect your electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference – our 99.99% Pure Copper Screen is a fantastic material for constructing Faraday Cages for RFI and EMI Shielding. We've sold copper screens to the world's leading software and tech companies for use in their data centers.

HVAC Systems

Pure copper mesh is strong, pliable, and corrosion resistant, which is why it is commonly used in heating and cooling systems. Using pure copper mesh greatly increases the shelf life of your HVAC systems.

Classic, Vintage Look For Homes

Use pure copper screening on any home or renovation site for a classy, elegant appearance. Copper screen looks excellent on both window screens and porch enclosures. If you're looking for a more cost-effective version for this purpose, consider using Brite Bronze Screen Mesh, which is made from 90% Copper, 10% Zinc.

Gardening & Pest Control

Pure Copper Screen is also known to promote plant growth and deter slugs and snails, making it a great product for gardens and greenhouses. Copper's natural electric charge keeps pests away, and allows your garden to flourish!


Copper's superior electrical conductivity makes it an ideal material for manufacturing integrated circuits and printed circuit boards. Other electronics that use copper include electromagnets, magnetrons in microwaves, heat exchangers, heat sinks, vacuum tubes, cathode ray tubes, and more!

Crafts and Sculpture

Pure copper mesh is strong, malleable, and cuts easily with scissors, allowing it to form complex shapes and making it a great material for artists, sculptors, and crafters of all kinds!



See our Bronze/Copper insect screen for a less pure copper mesh at a discounted price.  This Bronze Copper Insect screen is often used where PURE copper wire is not needed. Bronze Copper mesh is 90% copper and 10% Zinc and Bronzes as it ages.