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All Colors of Pet Screen

Though windows, doors, porch enclosures, and other home projects are the most common uses of window screens, they are far from the only ones. If you’re looking to unlock your creative side, we have colored mesh pet screen. Made from vinyl-coated polyester mesh, it gets the name “pet screen mesh” because it is durable enough to withstand pet damage. In fact, it is considered to be 7 times stronger than standard fiberglass screen. 


However, its tear-resistant, reinforced material makes it perfect for all kinds of uses. Give your home a pop of color or unique touch by installing it in your windows. Use it for your kids’ play enclosures or your pets’ catio. With 14 colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless. 


Colored Pet Screen Specs

• Colors:Yellow, White, Suncast, Royal Blue, Red, Orange, Mayan Teal, Forest Green, Linen, Driftwood, Dark Blue, Black, & Autumn Fern

• 0.025" diameter

• Available in 100' Bulk Rolls

• Available in widths up to 54"

Benefits of Colored Pet Screen

Long-lasting insect protection

If you are interested in its most classic uses, use pet mesh to keep bugs out and let the fresh air in. 

Whether you’re worried about kids playing, pets tearing, or you just want to have your crafts stand the test of time, consider using our ultra-durable pet screen. 
Color flexibility

Choose from over a dozen window screen colors ranging from bright pigments to more subdued hues.

Pet Screen Project Ideas

The uses for pet screen are only as limited as your imagination. Still, we’re happy to give you a few ideas. 

• Hand-crafted bags

• Hammocks

• Playground netting

• High-visibility barrier netting

• Pet beds

• Catios

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