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Feb 1st 2018

Winter: Window Screen Season

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Winter: Window Screen Season

You probably think that spring or summer may be the best time to replace your window screens. You also most likely assume that your screens are useless during the winter. Both of these assumptions are wrong. 

Though there is never a right or wrong time to replace your screens, winter can be the optimal time to do it! Not only do your window screens play a key role in energy consumption and protecting the interior of your home, but they also can allow, on those few sunny “warm” winter days, the option of opening your windows to get a little fresh air. We at Metro Screenworks do our best to provide custom screen options so you can get the most out of your screens. Keep reading to learn more about how your window screens can be a useful investment during the winter season.

Energy Efficiency

Unbeknown to most, our window screens actually do play a role in our energy efficiency. Even though our screens do allow air through them, they can add a protective layer that shields our homes from the cold of winter and the heat of the sun. You can receive these benefits especially when you invest in solar screen which comes in varying strengths of UV protection. Don’t like the look of screens or simply don’t want to commit to window screens? Installing retractable and, in particularly European-engineered and American made Genius® retractable screens is a viable solution. No matter if you want a simple fiberglass screen or you really want to enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient solar screen, Metro Screenworks can offer a custom window screen solution that can provide the benefits you need.

Interior Preservation

The sun is a source of life. However, it can also be quite damaging—as we all have probably experienced from an uncomfortable sunburn. The sun wreaks equal amounts of havoc on our homes and businesses as well. One of the biggest causes for wear and tear on the exterior and interior of your home is the sun’s UV rays. Though the exterior of your home will take, and is made to take the brunt of the sun’s abuse, because of our windows, our interiors are exposed to the radiation as well. So what does this have to do with winter? It’s not as sunny in the winter, right? So, why worry about sun damage now? If you’ve ever gotten a burn on the beach on a cloudy day, you know that just because there are clouds in the sky or—in this case, snow on the ground that the sun’s UV rays are still very much present. To protect your interiors from fading, cracking, and discoloration, installing screens and solar screens in particular can help protect you and your home from premature aging.

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Fresh Air

Replacing your screens in the winter can also be a worthy endeavor, because on those few, special, warmer winter days, a little fresh air can be a very welcome thing. Often, due to us not being able to open our windows during the winter, as well as the dust, and winter dryness, our homes become enclaves for staleness where even viruses and bacteria can take refuge. Opening the windows and doing a little cleaning can get rid of some of these toxin, as well as provide the fresh air that we all need to remain healthy and happy. Studies show that consistent exposure to fresh air can not only improve our mental health, but also our physical health. Installing window screens can give you this mid-winter option.

If you would like to install high-quality or custom window screens this winter, or are looking for replacement window screen frames and window screen material, shop Metro Screenworks! We offer window screens options that you can’t find anywhere else. Shop our specialty screen such as solar screen, copper screen, and pet screen, or have options you want with our retractable screens. Shop our online screen store today!