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Dec 23rd 2020

Why You Should Install Roll-Up Solar Shades

Why You Should Install Roll-Up Solar Shades

The sun is a source of energy and heat, and is essential for life to exist on earth. However, the sun can be damaging as well. We have experienced the occasional sunburn, but it is easy to forget the effects of sun on the interiors of our home. Solar shades can provide benefits that both let us utilize the sun’s power while avoiding its damaging effects.

Stick around to learn more about roll up solar shades and how they can be beneficial for both your home and business. We at Metro Screenworks offer our own solar shades: the Metro Solar Shades have been installed in businesses such as Starbucks, Noodles & Company, Dunkin Donuts, and many other public places as well as private spaces. Shop our solar shades here.

5 Benefits of Solar Shades

Solar shades can provide benefits during each season, all year long and in both indoor and outdoor spaces: install solar shades inside your home or on your patio.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Nowadays and more than ever, homeowners and businesses owners alike are looking into how to increase the energy efficiency of their properties. Though installing energy efficient appliances and other similar home improvements can make a difference, simple home adjustments can also make a big difference.

Solar shades can help to reduce the amount of sun that shines into your home, and thus reduce the amount of heat in your home — and as a result, reduce how much energy your AC has to put out to cool your home. What’s more, solar shades can help to regulate temperatures within your home. For example, use solar shades in the sunniest part of your home to keep that part of your home cooler during the summer or during a specific part of the day.

Reduce Glare

Many people are now working from home and will continue to work from home for quite some time in the future — if not permanently. If this is the case, it may be time for many to install solar shades to reduce sun glare on computer screens and to increase comfort and productivity. Solar shades can also help the viewing experiences of your TV. For businesses, installing solar shades can be a great way to encourage patrons to use your dining areas any time of the day.

Add Privacy

Solar screens can also add privacy to the home or patio area during the day. The fabric we use in our solar screens is certified by the Melanoma International Foundation, Greenguard, Confidence in Textiles, and the National Fire Protection Association. Enjoy privacy whenever you want with easy-to-use solar screens.

Enjoy Sun Protection & Shade

Roll-up solar shades can also offer shade and some sun protection when on the patio area. If a home’s porch area receives quite a bit of sunlight and can become uncomfortable, solar screens can help to block sun glare and harmful UV rays allowing more enjoyment when outside. Solar shades can help provide some protection from the sun but sunscreen and other protective clothing should always be worn when spending prolonged periods of time outside.

Decrease Damage

Just like how people and animals can suffer from a sunburn, the interiors of homes and businesses can also receive wear from the sun’s UV rays. Fading, drying and cracking, discoloration, and other negative side effects can happen to wood flooring, furniture, art work, and other elements within our homes. Using solar screens can help to prolong the life of the home or business interiors by shading and blocking harmful UV rays.

Learn more about our solar shades and the benefits they can provide your home or business, and shop online with Metro Screenworks.