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Mar 14th 2018

Why Replacement Window Screens Should be Your Next Upgrade - Part 2

Why Replacement Window Screens Should be Your Next Upgrade - Part 2

Welcome back to the Metro Screenworks blog! In our last blog post, we began discussing the benefits of upgrading your window screens.

Though these last blogs may have sounded more “sale-sy” than we would usually post, we feel that it was important to share the importance of specialty screens. Why? Because custom window screens are a best kept secret that really shouldn’t be a secret at all. We understand that purchasing some of our replacement window screens may be more costly than if you went down to your local home improvement store. However, your investment is more than returned with the amount of creature comfort, financial rewards, and time that they give back. Read part one if you missed it or keep reading below.

Curb appeal

Installing custom screens may up the curb appeal of your home and have real estate agents and potential buyers, proverbially or maybe literally pounding on your door wondering when you are thinking of selling. UltraVue, BetterVue, copper screen, and other similar products can provide excellent curb appeal and here’s how. Do you have a million dollar view? Do you have a nice-looking home, but your screens are distracting eye-sores? UltraVue and BetterVue not only make your screens nearly invisible to those looking at your house from the outside, but you also get to enjoy your million dollar view whether it be of majestic peaks, a quiet valley, or your children playing in the yard. Copper screen, on the other hand, is a brilliant copper color that ages to a beautiful bronze color that fits the unique stylings of your restored home. Copper screen can provide the necessary aesthetic for your older, renovated or your coastal-style home.

Fit your lifestyle

Custom replacement screens can fit your lifestyle. As we have mentioned above, they can make your home look even better, provide sun protection and energy savings, and they can provide you even more benefits. For example, do your fur babies wreak havoc on your screens? Have your dogs clawed your screen door to shreds or have your cats tried to climb on your screens a few times too many? Pet screen can provide the sun protection that you need, as well as withstand the wear and tear of pets. Pet screen can be installed in your screen door and window screens. We also offer a pet screen door, allowing your pet to go in and out as they please even when your screen door is closed.

Also, another wonderful product is our air filtration window screens. Genius® and other brands make screens that actually act as filters. If you suffer from allergies and, as a result, can’t open your windows very often, you now have the option of getting fresh air without being miserable later with air filtration screens. Genius window screens and our other air filtration window screens can also keep smog and pollution out of your home protecting you and your family from the negative effects of free radicals and other harmful substances.

Ready to invest in replacement window screens that do more than just keep the big bugs out? Shop Metro Screenworks, the trusted online screen store that can provide you the window screens you need to have the home, project, or business that you want and deserve.