VirusGuard: Plexiglass Barrier Alternative

Oct 7th 2020

VirusGuard: Plexiglass Barrier Alternative

VirusGuard: Plexiglass Barrier Alternative

COVID-19 has changed how we conduct business. Not only has it changed how many businesses offer their services, but it has also changed how employees, customers, patients, and patrons interact with each other. One factor that has caused business to “not be as usual” is the installation of plexiglass barriers.

Plexiglass Barriers Are Flawed

To protect employees, customers, and others on the premise, many companies have installed plexiglass barriers of various sizes on their front desk, in conference rooms, and other areas of person-to-person interaction. Though these barriers provide protection from the spread of viruses, they do present some issues that can make doing business difficult. These difficulties have probably been chalked up to the numerous obstacles and inconveniences that the current pandemic has presented, and seen as just something to deal with.

Affordable Plexiglass Barrier Alternatives Exist

However, there is an alternative to these barriers that could provide enhanced functionality and protection — VirusGuard screen barriers. Though we all hope that the need for masks and other PPE subside in the coming months, it is likely that many businesses and organizations will need to and may choose to keep barriers installed for the foreseeable future. With this in mind, it is important that businesses choose the barriers that will provide them the best protection while reducing inconvenience for their employees, customers, and patients.

Virusguard Barrier Infographic

Why Choose a Plexiglass Alternative?

Recently, we at Metro Screenworks have been retailing VirusGuard. This is an exciting product for many reasons: it provides numerous ways to help protect the public against the coronavirus, other viruses, bacteria, and other harmful particles. What’s more, VirusGuard has multiple uses:

  • Create filters for cloth masks
  • Construct reusable masks from material
  • Create barriers for businesses and other organizations

The other exciting aspect about VirusGuard and why it is better than many of the other makeshift PPE materials in use is that it has been tested. Though many materials being used and worn by the public are better than nothing, VirusGuard has been tested and found to help against the spread and infection of viruses. As a result Metro Screenworks, is retailing products such as plexiglass barrier alternatives.

VirusGuard Barriers Provides Greater Functionality

VirusGuard offers greater functionality than plexiglass barriers because just like normal window screen mesh that is transparent (with enhanced protection, of course), they are easy-to-see-through and talk-through which could help increase communication between those on either side of the screen. Between wearing a mask and the plexiglass, many are having difficulty communicating. With VirusGuard barriers, communication can occur at a normal level.

Also, because these screen barriers are hung, it provides easy usability for those who must exchange methods of payment or documents.

VirusGuard Barriers Offer Dependable Help For Protection

Beyond being ASTM tested to help provide protection, VirusGuard barriers can withstand areas of heavy use as well as long-term use. VirusGuard is manufactured to withstand being bumped, jostled, and other factors of heavy traffic. What’s more, our screen barriers are easy to clean: simply hand wash with detergent.

Many businesses can benefit from the installation of VirusGuard barriers. To learn more about this product, visit the Metro Screenworks website. There, you can learn more about the benefits of VirusGuard barriers, how to use them, and the details about how they work to help protect you and those who frequent your business. Order plexiglass barrier alternatives today and be sure to contact us with your questions — we would be happy to help you!