The Endless Possibilities for Custom Screen Doors

Aug 17th 2018

The Endless Possibilities for Custom Screen Doors

Open window with window screens and text "the endless possibilities for custom screen doors"

The Endless Possibilities for Custom Screen Doors

Welcome back to the Metro Screenworks blog! If you’re just joining us, in our last blog, we talked about important steps for keeping yourself safe from mosquitos and the harmful diseases that they carry. One of the most important ways to protect your home, is to make sure that all of your screens are intact and to avoid opening the doors or windows of your home without having a screen. If you don’t have a screen door, it is time to install one.

Metro Screenworks offers the screen door and window screening materials to help you create a screen door that will serve your needs and will look good, too. Whether you decide to invest in a complete screen door or to order the parts to make your own, we have everything you need. Shop our complete screen doors or our window screen rolls today!

DIY Screen Door Ideas

Though we would love to create a custom screen door for you, we understand if you want to create your own. Here are some ideas for creating a screen door that you will love and will last.

Make It Modern With A Bright Pop of Color

If you love the modern look, it is time to think outside the box. One of the best ways to create a modern screen door is pick a bright color such as lime green, orange, or even pink. These colors work best with a simplistic style of screen door and home with a neutral tone exterior.

Vintage is Found in the Details

If you live in an older home and want to play up it’s elegant charm, why not opt for a screen door with vintage details. Use decorative corner brackets and a crystal or porcelain door knob.

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Repurpose Old Lumber For Country Chic

Country chic is a look that is easier to achieve than you think. Simply take older lumber and repurpose it to create a screen door that you love. The repurposed wood will provide an interesting texture that you can paint over with white or another complimenting color. You can, instead, sand the wood and stain it to highlight the natural grain of the wood for added character.

Think Outside the Box For a Utilitarian Look

If you still want a sliding screen door, but also want something different than the traditional sliding screen door, it’s time to think outside the box with a sliding barn door; instead of your door sliding on a track within the door frame, install a track above your door frame. To play up the utility look, use heavy metal elements and copper screen.

There isn’t one way to create an effective screen door. If you are looking for the parts you need to install your door or need help figuring out how to create your dream screen door, contact our screen experts! We would love to help you! Like these ideas, but want something a little more traditional or want a pre-assembled door, shop Metro Screenworks’ online screen door for high-quality custom sliding screen doors!