The Benefits of Roll Up Solar Shades For Your Business

Posted by Metro Screenworks on May 9th 2022

The Benefits of Roll Up Solar Shades For Your Business

The Benefits of Roll Up Solar Shades For Your Business

When it comes to running a business there is a lot to consider. Not only do you have to think about the basics of your services or products you offer, but also the space that your business inhabits. No matter the type of business you have, it’s important to think about your building's comfort level in relation to the effects of the sun. Installing roll-up solar shades can increase comfort levels, employee satisfaction, and possibly even patron loyalty.

Today on the Metro Screenworks blog we are going to talk about the benefits of solar shades for your business and the solar shades we provide. We offer interior solar shades, exterior solar shades, as well as solar screens that also provide insect protection. Shop all of our standard and custom size shades online!

Wood dining table General Benefits

Roll-up sun shades for windows can provide general benefits for any space. These benefits include:

  • Heat control - lower the temperature and energy bills when you have less sunshine directly coming through your windows.
  • Sun glare prevention - keep sunlight off of computer screens, TVs, and out of customer and employees’ eyes.
  • Lower energy costs - keep the heat down and the AC bill from skyrocketing during the hottest months of summer.

Solar Shade Benefits For Restaurants

hether you are a coffee shop or an evening dining hotspot, the sun can make or break your patron’s experience. For coffee shops, the sun’s rising can make it nearly impossible for patrons to comfortably enjoy their cup of joe while working on their computer, and for restaurants, the evening sun can often shine right in patrons’ eyes. Installing roll-up solar shades can allow you to control how much sunlight is shining in your establishment no matter what time of day or the weather.

We offer crank and pull chain sun shades for windows as well as remote-controlled options – in standard and custom sizes. When you shop with us, you can choose from standard economical options as well as completely custom window shades.

Group eating food in restaurantOutdoor Patio Shades For Best Patron Experience

Patio season is here and patrons are looking for the most comfortable patios to frequent. For restaurants with patios, solar sun shades can help to create a comfortable temperature no matter how hot and sunny it is outside. Outdoor sun shades can be adjusted to help patron’s stay cool, keep them from squinting, and avoid a nasty sunburn. Our solar shades are designed to ensure the outdoor elements. We also offer solar screens with insect protection – to beat the heat, wind, and the mosquitos!

Benefits for Offices

The comfort level of offices is also important for office managers to consider. Sunlight that is shining onto computer screens or in the eyes of employees as they try to work can decrease productivity and overall morale. Installing sun shades for windows can help to prevent visual discomfort as well as keep temperatures comfortable – for more happy employees and lower energy costs.

Interior Sun Shades for Windows – A Low Cost Investment

Roll-up solar shades are a relatively inexpensive investment in your business that can offer high returns with not only the savings you may experience due to decreased energy costs, but also with higher customer and employee satisfaction. Solar shades come in a variety of sizes and colors so it can match your office building or restaurant’s aesthetic.

Shop All of Our Solar Screen Shades

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