Tempered Glass Panels: What You Need to Know

Nov 18th 2020

Tempered Glass Panels: What You Need to Know

Tempered Glass Panels: What You Need to Know

If you have started researching tempered glass panels you may have come to realize that tempered glass can be found throughout your home in various fixtures as a result of its resistance to shattering. You may find tempered glass used in any glass doors of your home including those in your bathroom as well as glass fixtures that are near walking surfaces.

The International Residential Code specifies that tempered glass be installed within certain areas of your home to reduce the risk for injury due to the incredible strength of tempered glass. You will also find that tempered glass is installed in other places in your car due to the benefits that this product can provide. Tempered glass can also provide us benefits for our screens and screened-in porch enclosures.

What Is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is about four times stronger than regular glass and has been treated with certain chemicals or processed using controlled thermal treatments to increase the strength of the glasses. Normal glass when it breaks splinters into jagged shards which can be incredibly dangerous. Tempered glass, on the other hand, breaks into small granular chunks which can help reduce the risk for more serious injury.

Why Use Tempered Glass Panels?

Tempered glass panels can reduce injury if it should become broken. However, it can also offer protection against some weather conditions. Hail and wind (and tree branches in the wind) are two destructive forces of nature that put our homes through the wringer depending on the strength of the storm. However, with tempered glass and during most storms you don’t have to worry about your windows breaking because of the strength of this type of glass.

When Do I Need Tempered Glass Panels?

Tempered glass panels can be used in a few ways in your home. You can use tempered glass panels for security door inserts. However, in most cases, you will need tempered glass panels to help to enclose a porch or patio just for the season — allowing you to use your enclosed porch all year round. Metro Screenworks tempered glass panels allow for easy interchangeability of your screens and glass panels with swingover clips, also called casement clips, and each frame has a bubble strip on the back to help it seal tightly against the opening frame for an air-tight fit.

Why Seal Up For The Season?

It could be easy to want to just leave your screens up all year long. However, it is better to seal up your enclosure before cooler stormier weather comes to help you not only protect your screens but to also protect your space and allow you to enjoy your porch area all year long. Temporarily installing tempered glass panels ensures that your screens last for years to come and can protect your porch from water damage and extra wear and tear. Additionally, when you don’t have to give up using this space, you can allow it to serve a more permanent purpose.

How Do I Find the Right Size of Tempered Glass Panels?

Metro Screenworks has always specialized in providing our customers with the custom options they need, and the tempered glass panels we offer are no different. We offer standard sizes of panels as well as custom sizes. We understand that sometimes when turning your house into a home, standard sizes don’t always work and so with us, you can always count on finding options that work for you. To winterize your home, shop Metro Screenworks!