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May 2nd 2017

Replace Your Screen Door - Part 2

Screen mesh with large hole and text "need screen door repair parts and tools?"

Replace Your Screen Door - Part 2

Maybe your dog ran through your screen or your cat has climbed your sliding screen door so many times that your screen is just shreds. Regardless, it may be time to replace your sliding screen door, and we want to help you know exactly what screen door repair parts and tools you will need to properly fix your sliding screen door.

In Part 1

In our last blog, we talked about how the first step for replacing your screen door is to determine the damage that has been inflicted on your door. If the screen is the only part of your door that needs to be replaced, you need to pick what kind of screen material you will install into your sliding screen door. In part 1 of our blog series, we talked about all the various options of screen material that you can choose from that will have the durability, sun protection, or allergen filters that you need. Read about the various types of screen material that Metro Screenworks carries for your sliding screen door repair here.

Next Step: Having the Proper Screen Door Repair Parts & Tools

Though repairing your sliding screen door usually is not complicated, you must have the proper screen door repair parts, tools, and materials to complete your replacement.

Tools Needed


First, you will need to remove the handle of your sliding screen door and to do that you need a screwdriver; most likely, you will need a standard-sized Phillips and possibly a large slotted screwdriver for prying the rollers from the bottom of your screen door (if these need to be replaced).

Cutting Tool & Scissors 

You will need a cutting tool such as a sharp utility knife that can easily cut through screen. You will also need to use scissors to cut the spline to the needed length.


An awl is useful for removing the old screen and spline from your sliding screen door.

Convex Roller 

Use a convex roller to press the screen material into the groove of the door frame.

Concave Roller 

A concave roller is used to press the screen spline into the groove of the screen and door.

Tape Measure 

To get the right size of replacement screen door parts, you will need a means to measure your sliding screen door and its old materials.

Materials Needed


Measure the width and length of your entire door (not just the size of your screen) and trim a piece of screen material to that size.


Screen door spline is a slim rubber tubing; before purchasing, make sure you are buying the right diameter of spline.

Screen Door Rollers (if needed) 

Again, before you purchase these, check the size of the rollers that your sliding screen door needs.

How do you know you need to replace your screen door rollers? If your screen door does not slide easily along the track, vacuum and clean the dirt that may have accumulated there. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace your sliding screen door’s rollers.

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Repairing Your Sliding Screen Door

Now that you have all the needed screen door repair parts and tools, you can begin to replace your door.

  1. Remove your sliding screen door from the track. Lift your door up until the rollers clear the track.
  2. Remove the door handle of your sliding screen door using a screwdriver.
  3. Pry and remove the old spline and screen material using an awl.
  4. If you need to replace your sliding screen door’s rollers, remove these by prying them out of the door with your slotted screwdriver. You will have to depress the spring clip to release them.
  5. Cut the new spline to your needed lengths using your scissors. You will need a piece for each of your door’s four sides.
  6. Next, align your screen material on your door squarely.
  7. Using your convex roller, press the screen into the groove. You will need to hold the screen, to keep it square on the door
  8. Use your concave roller tool and press the new spline into the groove that you just created in the last step. Be sure to pull your screen tight.
  9. Using your utility knife, trim your screen along the spline.
  10. If you need to replace your screen door rollers, slide them into place and they will clip in.
  11. Reinstall the door handle using your screwdriver.
  12. Lift your door into place, being sure to align the rollers with the track.

Lastly, take a moment to sit back and realize that you just installed and fixed your sliding screen door.

Need to purchase sliding screen door repair parts? Metro Screenworks has the tools and parts you need to successfully replace your screen door. Shop our screen door repair parts online today! If you need a new complete sliding screen door, we can help you with that too! We sell custom screen doors already assembled, ready to be installed. Shop now!