Pure Copper and All of Its Uses

Posted by Metro Screenworks on Mar 23rd 2022

Pure Copper and All of Its Uses

Pure Copper and All of Its Uses

Copper is a naturally occurring metal that has been used by some of the oldest civilizations on record: copper pieces have been found in dig sites dating back to the 9000 BC. Historians think that copper smelting began in China in 2800 BC, and this metal was essential for creating bronze, which a period of history, the Bronze Age, is aptly named.

Copper Today & Its Many Uses

Copper hasn’t lost its appeal with time. Copper is still used in many different ways in the modern world. From jewelry, wires, cooking utensils, architecture (such as window screens), clothing, electronics, and more! Stick around to learn more about this incredible metal, how it is used, why you might want to install copper window screens in your home, and common commercial uses.


Copper has been used in many architectural endeavors including roofing accents, and other large scale elements. Copper window screens can not only provide the functionality of regular screens but offer a beautiful elegance to match other copper architecture or simply elevate the look of your home. Though copper screens can look good in any home, vintage, historic, and coastal homes are often the best candidates for copper screens. Learn more and buy copper screens online.

Copper light fixture

Protection Against EMI/RFI

Pure copper can also offer shielding against unwanted external electromagnetic waves and help to prevent internal electromagnetic waves from emitting and interfering with other circuits or devices. Faraday cages can be constructed from copper screens to help protect against EMI and RFI. We offer commercial-grade pure copper screen in bulk screen rolls. Shop our selection of pure copper screen rolls.


Copper has been used in the manufacturing of clothing but not in the way that you might assume. Copper has natural anti-microbial properties and the metal can be woven into garment pieces such as socks and gloves. Many people wear copper clothing to protect themselves from harmful bacteria but also for the purpose of reducing smell from sweaty feet and hands.


Copper is used in the wiring of your home as it is one of the most preferred conductors of electricity. Copper wire also offers corrosion resistance which can ensure the wires in your home function for a long time to come. It is also malleable and offers a variety of other benefits. During the 1960s and 70s copper wire was replaced by aluminum wiring which led to many house fires. Shortly after, copper was reinstated as the preferred wiring material.


Though many people love the look of copper jewelry, there is another reason why many people choose to wear copper. Copper is said to relieve arthritis symptoms. Though this claim is currently unsupported by science, many people wear copper jewelry in hopes of finding relief.


Copper is also used in the manufacturing of integrated circuits and printed circuit boards as they have superior electrical conductivity. Other electronics that use copper include heat sinks, heat exchangers, electromagnets, vacuum tubes, cathode ray tubes, magnetrons in microwaves, and more.

These are just a few of the places in our modern world where we can find copper. To enjoy the benefits of copper in your home or to create a Faraday cage, shop our pure copper screen as well as Brite Bronze window screen – available in a many lengths and widths. We offer screen products including screen rolls of a variety of materials, replacement window screens, sliding screen doors, retractable screens, porch screening systems, and more. Shop Metro Screenworks online!

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