PPE Materials For Public & Private Use

Jun 17th 2020

PPE Materials For Public & Private Use

PPE Materials For Public & Private Use

Welcome back to the Metro Screenworks blog! We hope all of you and your family are well. Today, we will be talking about all the potential uses of Virus Guard and Allergy Guard, and how it can be used to protect you, your family, your clients, patients, and anyone else in your care.

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PPE Materials by Metro Screenworks

The year of 2020 has been quite different than what many of us had expected. With New Year’s wishes seeming like another lifetime, wearing masks, having our temperature checked, and getting our meals to-go have become a norm. However, even with the normalcy of our current situation, there is still much unknown about our future: whether we will continue to move closer to normal life, or we will have to go back into quarantine. Regardless, thankfully, there are materials available to help protect us during these uncertain times.

Infographic about PPE Materials & their uses

Virus Guard Mask Material is a fabric-like material that also has filtering capabilities. It can be made into a mask — no other fabric materials needed — sewn and manipulated like any other type of fabric. Masks made from this material can be hand-washed (machine washing isn’t advisable) multiple times for many uses. Instead of searching “masks for sale” or “where to buy masks” make your own!

Filters For Fabric Masks

Though fabric face coverings can provide some protection, using a filter insert in a fabric mask may increase its effectiveness and could allow you to have the best mask for your own protection. Virus Guard Fabric Mask Inserts is a mesh like fabric that can be cut to fit into any mask. Filters can be hand-washed (do not put them in the washer) and can be re-worn for several uses.


Though much of the workforce is working from home, for many people, “WFH” isn’t an option. Allergy Guard a window screen mesh material can be placed within partition frames to create a means of filtering between work spaces and other areas. This can be helpful for office buildings, medical facilities, and any other place that could benefit from partitions. Allergy Guard is a see-through, talk-through material that can provide air filtration protection in a variety of situations.

HVAC Filters

HVAC systems can make stopping the spread of COVID-19 difficult. That is why we suggest installing Allergy Guard window screen within vents to catch the virus from circulating through hospitals and other medical facilities, office buildings, homes, and anywhere else that has a central heating and cooling system. Help stop the spread of coronavirus and other allergens with Allergy Guard.

Window Screens

To increase the protection of your home and enjoy many other benefits, install Allergy Guard in your home or business. Allergy Guard functions just like other window screen mesh materials but is puncture-resistant, offers UV and heat protection, is moisture resistant helping to keep rain and other weather out of your home or business and window frames with many more benefits.

To learn more about Virus Guard and Allergy Guard check out some of our recent press releases, read recent blogs, visit our page dedicated to air filtration screens, and shop these PPE materials online. Contact us with any questions you may have!