It’s Time to Order Your Screens!

Nov 25th 2020

It’s Time to Order Your Screens!

It’s Time to Order Your Screens!

It may seem counterintuitive to order your window screens, screen doors, and other screen products you need now as winter is just around the corner; the fall and winter months in many areas of the country aren’t known to be times to open the windows and let the fresh air in. However, ordering your screens during this time can be the most optimal. Stick around to learn more about why ordering during the winter is the best time to get your screen products, or visit the Metro Screenworks website to get shopping!

Benefits of Ordering During the Winter Time

Wintertime is often known as a time to hunker down, hibernate, and stay warm inside — not usually a time to order home maintenance items. But at Metro Screenworks, we wanted to let you in on a little secret that winter time is one of the best times to order from us!

Lead Times Are Shorter

One reason to order now is that lead time on orders are shorter during the winter than they are any other time of year. Why? Because most people wait to buy screens and other home maintenance supplies right before they need them during the spring or summer months. If you order your screens now, you can enjoy receiving them sooner and you won’t have to worry about your home projects being held up because you are waiting on products to arrive.

Orders Fulfilled Quickly

When you order from us, you get to enjoy high-quality products at affordable prices and you have access to products that aren't available through other vendors, and we are able to fulfill orders quickly. What’s more, we offer a personal touch as we are a locally owned and operated business in Denver, and we are available to answer questions via chat, email, and our contact page. Bottomline, when you shop with Metro Screenworks, you get quality, personalized help, and products you can’t find anywhere else.

Already For Springtime Maintenance

When you get the screening materials that you need for your spring and summer projects ahead of time, you can have peace of mind that you are ready for spring maintenance. You won’t have to worry about items being out of stock or having to wait on backordered products. Ordering months ahead can be especially nice if you have to purchase customized screens as they can take longer to be made. What’s more, when you have everything you need to get started on home maintenance, you can begin those projects whenever the weather permits. If your project allows, you could even start on parts of the project that can be done inside.

To Give A Gift Unlike Any Other

Lastly, winter might be the perfect time to order your window screens, screen doors, or materials for a screened-in porch to surprise a loved one with a gift they won’t be expecting. Though not everyone will be excited about new screens, gifting someone with the promise of a project such as a screened-in porch, a catio, or an upgrade to their home could be the perfect opportunity to give the gift of home improvement for those who would appreciate it.

Get Shopping Now!

Shop Metro Screenworks inventory of high-quality, affordable screening products online now! We sell everything from window screens, sliding screen doors, screen rolls, premade porch panels, and more. We offer the solutions to your screening needs that you can’t find anywhere else. Shop now or contact us with any questions!