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Mar 14th 2018

How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home & Out of Your Life

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How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home & Out of Your Life

Do you love house guests? Do you love when friends or family show up unannounced? 

For some, the surprise is pleasant, but for many, even the most loved in your life aren’t necessarily welcome; you’ll allow them in the door, but not without some reluctance. Even for the most hospitable homeowners, bugs are never welcome. Even if you are the type to scoop little bugs up and place them gently outside, an invasion of six and eight-legged critters isn’t a situation that you hope for — to put it lightly.

The reasons why you might have a few more bug guests than normal may be many, but before you panic and light the house on fire — or perhaps call the exterminator — there are a few steps you can take to make sure the bugs have to politely knock on your door before they come inside.

Fix Torn Screens

Torn screens can be gateways for little bug friends to come inside our homes. If bugs make it through your screens, your home is fair game for a bug fiesta. If you are suffering from an abundance of bug guests, check your screens for holes, rips, tears, or gaps. If your screens have a hole in them, repairing the hole is an option, but investing in replacement window screens gives you additional advantages!

Why choose replacement window screens?

Choosing replacement window screens versus repairing the hole gives you options. The options that you get are a result of the many types of screens that are available. Pet screen, super screen, invisible screen, air filtration screen, solar screen and more are just a few of the specialty screen materials that can do so much more for you than just keep the big bugs out.

Because there is no-see-um screen?

If you suffer from the seeming assault of gnats and other types of small bugs every year even though you have screens, it may be time to fire your current window screens and invest in no-see-um screen. This window screen material is made with the specific purpose of keeping the smallest bug guests out of your home and out of your life — at least until you step outside.

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Clean Out the Clutter

Clutter is a bug’s best friend. If you tend to have piles of dusty magazines, stacks of recycling, and other clutter, you may be unknowingly giving little bug friends the home they have always wanted. Dust and dirty nooks and crannies are inviting amenities for the bug looking for a new home.

Stay tuned for part two to learn more about how to keep unwanted insect guests out of your home and out of your home life.

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