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Jul 26th 2018

“How Do I Measure a Window?”

Woman staring out a window with the text "how do I measure a window?"

“How Do I Measure a Window?”

Welcome back to the Metro Screenworks blog! On our last blog post, we began talking about how to measure your old window screens so you can order upgraded or replacement window screens. Getting accurate measurements for your new screens is incredibly important for obvious reasons — a screen that is too big for your window won’t fit and a screen that is too small won’t keep the bug pests out.

Measuring for your window screen is incredibly easy. Read our last blog post, or read on here.

Measuring When You Have a Screen

When you have the original window screen frame, you can simply measure it to get the measurements for your new screen. Measure the short side and then the long side. Measure each side to the closest 1/16 of an inch. However, what do you do when you don’t have the original screen. This is where things get a little more complicated.

Measuring Your Window

The first step in measuring your window for a new screen is to know what kind of window you have. Most windows can be measured the same way, but certain types of windows need to be treated differently. Windows that need special treatment include:

  • Slider windows
  • Cross brace or colonial pattern windows
  • Windows with screw mounted solar screens
  • Windows requiring brick clips

If you have one of these types of windows, skip the next section and see the diagram below. If you are unsure what kind of window you have, contact the window screen experts at Metro Screenworks!

Step 1: Find the Lip

First, you need to find the lip of the window screen channel on the bottom horizontal piece of your window. Once you’ve found the lip, measure up to the channel above. Subtract an ⅛ of an inch from found measurement.

Step 2: Measure the Horizontal Screen Channel

Next, measure the horizontal screen channel. Subtract and ⅛ of an inch from the final measurement.

And like that, you have your measurements for your replacement window screen! For other window types see the diagram below. Next, you must find out what hardware you need, but that it a topic for another time.

Feel free to call the window screen experts at Metro Screenworks. We would love to help you get the screen that you need for your home. As we mentioned above, providing the final measurements for your order is your responsibility, but we will do our very best to help you get the measurements that you need to order your custom replacement window screen