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Nov 10th 2016

Custom Screens: Measuring and the Endless Possibilities!

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Custom Screens: Measuring and the Endless Possibilities!

Owning a home is an exciting part of life for many people. Owning a home and getting to customize it to your own specifications, needs, and likes is one of the most satisfying feelings. One of the many aspects of your home that you can customize is custom screens. Not only are there are many types of custom screen frame designs, but there are also specific screen types for certain projects. How do you know what materials you need or even how to measure for your custom screens? Here are some helpful tips to consider when buying custom screens.

Measure for Custom Screens

When measuring for custom screens, if you have an existing screen, you must measure its width at the top, the middle, and bottom to account for bowing; use the smallest measurement. But, probably the most accurate measure of your screen is at the corners, because screens don’t normally bow at the corners. When you measure your screen, you need to measure from the outside edge to outside edge for both the width and height. Once you’ve gotten the custom frame measured two-dimensionally, you must measure the frame’s thickness.

If you aren’t measuring for your custom frames from an existing frame, measure the inside of the window frame where the frame would sit. After you’ve measured from the inside of the frame, next you should measure from the inside of the window into the groove inside the window where the frame would sit. Also, take into account the hardware needed to secure your custom frame into the window.

Window Custom Screens

Unknown to many, custom screens come in a variety of types depending on your needs:

Metro Screenwork’s offers a wide variety of custom screen options.

  • Complete Window Screens - built to your specifications to the nearest 1/16 of an inch and available in bulk!
  • Super Screen - Pet & Weather Resistant are made of material stronger than the standard fiberglass and aluminum to accommodate harsh weather such as hail and the wear and tear our furry friends put on our screens. These screens come with a ten year warranty and though made of stronger material, still have great visibility.
  • UltraVue Invisible Screen - Using cutting edge technology, this screen has more visibility than standard fiberglass screens. These frames also have better airflow than standard screens.
  • Solar Screens For Windows - Metro Screenworks also offers screens that block 95% of UV rays and heat from the sun, not only keeping your family safe, but also cooler than regular screens. Also, these high-quality screens will contribute to drops in your AC bill!
  • Pollen & Dust Filter Window Screen - These Metro Screenworks screens filter and trap pollen, spores, and other irritants, allowing you to still enjoy the fresh air, but avoid the effects of allergies. These screens also come in roll format so you can keep your existing frames and enjoy a pollen free house.

Metro Screenworks & Your Custom Frames

Still not sure what you need for your next project? Contact us and we will help you pick the right custom frames for your project!